Exhibitor’s, the newest member of the Straight Arrow family of brands, was established in 1979 and has been bringing professional grooming excellence to consumers for over 40 years. Originally the product of research conducted by human hair care brands to provide colour-enhancing and optical brightening options, it was then developed further to provide results for horses of every colour, without the use of harsh dyes or stains.

Devon B. Katzev.

Devon B. Katzev, president of Straight Arrow Products, Inc., acquired Exhibitor’s a few years ago, keeping the products and expanding the line to include a high-performance shampoo and conditioner that is perfect for horses and dogs.

“We didn’t change what wasn’t broken! Quic Silver Shampoo continues to be one of Exhibitor’s best-performing products and a favorite of those who want to get their greys whiter than white,” states Katzev. “Light refraction paired with optical brighteners create a mirror-like finish like no other equine products out there. Our goal is to bring you professional-level quality and keep the integrity of the Exhibitor’s brand, while embracing its legacy of providing color-enhancing grooming products to the forefront of the industry.”

There are three Exhibitor’s colour-enhancing shampoos that every horse person should have handy depending upon what colour their horse’s coat is … many customers use all three! You can shampoo first with Quic Shampoo, follow with one of the three colour-enhancing shampoos, and finish up with Quic Conditioner. All shampoos are available in 64 oz. and 16 oz sizes.

Quic Silver Shampoo

This legendary, colour-enhancing horse (and dog) shampoo whitens with unrivalled performance ‒ a professional solution for that blue-ribbon coat. Its gentle cleansing formula with advanced technology creates incredible shine for your pet’s and/or horse’s hair by optically altering the way light interacts with each hair shaft, creating incredible platinum highlights with bold, diamond-white results. A low-sudsing shampoo that rinses out quickly, is an excellent stain remover and is gentle enough for everyday use. Used consistently, the optical effects intensify and enhance shine, while whitening and brightening, bringing out silvery highlights.

Key Benefits:

  • Get your horse or dog a silvery whiter-than-white
  • Show-stopping platinum highlights for light coats and fur
  • Diamond-like sparkle
  • Optical effects will intensify a gorgeous snowy spectrum
  • Excellent stain remover, no harsh chemicals or bleaches

Quic Color Shampoo

This rich, colour-enhancing horse and dog shampoo intensifies and boosts brown hues with unrivalled performance. Its a gentle cleansing formula creates and incredible shine by optically altering the way light interacts with each hair shaft, bringing out many shades of chestnut, bay, sorrel and brown, naturally revealing undertones of copper and rust while providing a deep-cleaning that leaves your horse or dog soft, smooth and shiny.

Key Benefits:

  • No more dull, chestnut coats
  • Imparts brilliant copper highlights
  • Optical effects will intensify the russet brown spectrum
  • Excellent stain remover; no harsh chemicals or bleaches

Quic Black Shampoo

A dark, color-enhancing horse and dog shampoo that continues to intensify and enrich black huesand creates incredible shine, bringing out the beauty of stunning black and dark brown hues. It boosts deep ebony shades with sapphire undertones, while subduing unwanted reds, in addition to providing a gentle deep-cleaning.

Key Benefits:

  • Keeps the coat or fur a true, dramatic shade of bluish-black
  • Richer tones from this lustrous, dark color-enhancing shampoo
  • Get rid of unwanted reds, while darkening browns and blacks
  • Optical effects will intensify and bring out the best in the ebony spectrum
  • Excellent stain remover, with no harsh chemicals or bleaches

So whether you are a world-class competitor or just want your horse looking his best while riding down the trail, Exhibitor’s color-enhancing shampoos are a must-have!

Quic Shampoos.