In an interview that highlights another behind-the-scenes heartbeat of the horse industry, Tracey has Marie Labrecque join her for a touching episode of Hitting Your Stride. Marie, the groom, barn manager, and property manager at King’s Grant Farm in Caledon, shows off another side of her ‒ horse advocate.

Marie and her dog.It’s been a long road for Marie, arriving in Ontario from her Quebec home where she first developed her love of horses thanks to an aunt. That has blossomed into as hands-on of a career as one could want in the horse industry, but it’s also given her strong insight into caring for the horses in her barn. It’s that love for equines that drives her on the good days ‒ and on the bad ones, too.

Marie shares that life behind the scenes is about support: for the horse, the rider, and fellow professionals in the industry who share the same life she does. And while she enjoys her work with younger horses, it’s the older ones that she finds herself more connected to, with an appreciation for their life of service and the lessons they can still teach.

The strongest two skills a good groom should have are observation and organization, and Marie talks about developing both as she worked at her craft. And as she wrapped her thoughts up, she gave a little advice to those who think that this is the life they want to lead.

Listen to the episode here: