There are some people who know they’re destined to make dreams a reality; some figure it out right away, while others take a more winding path. Erica McKeever’s path included a few trips across the Atlantic Ocean, but it also had her trusting and believing in herself to make it happen.

McLain and Erica standing with show jumper Sapphire.

McLain and Erica with the legendary Sapphire during her 2012 retirement ceremony at the Devon Horse Show.

A native of England, McKeever got her first job in the horse world by applying to an ad in a horse magazine. A few years and many miles later, Erica arrived at Castle Hill Farm in Brewster, NY, a place she felt connected to instantly. It turns out the connection was mutual, and the seeds of a new family were planted.

Erica talks about being pony-mad as a child and having that become the genesis for a life in the equine world. She recalls the encouragement she got from a friend to take a chance in applying for a job as the barn manager at Castle Hill, and how that has turned into a relationship with the Ward family that is more like family than anything else. She talks with Tracey about the challenges of the job, how important it is to maintain open lines of communication while also finding a balance between work and family that has given her children opportunities to follow their own equine passions.

Over the years, Erica has seen many faces come and go in the Castle Hill barns but what never seems to change is the commitment to the horses and the devotion to the animals ‒ caring for them, helping them develop, and sharing the best parts of their lives together.


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