Anyone who knows Tracey Mitchell’s guest in this episode of Hitting Your Stride knows the word ‘passionate’ doesn’t even begin to describe him. Dr. Steve Engle, veterinarian and equine chiropractor, can’t ever seem to quench his thirst for knowledge. When he was first introduced to the new modality of equine chiropractic in 1995, he talked about continuing to learn and wanting to understand every aspect of it – even the creativity that is involved and how horses teach him something every day.

Through the connection he formed with his mentor, Jim Kenney, Steve was able to grow his knowledge of and interest in equine chiropractics: he built upon an experience with an Arab mare that gave him a ‘message heard’ moment that sent him on the journey that continues his growth and understanding of the relationships people have with horses.

Tracey and Steve talk about communication and how the subtle language between humans and horses requires patience and a willingness to wait to fully grasp it. Being in too much of a rush can result in missing out on cues being sent out by the animals, from which he talks about the range of miracles he’s witnessed. Being able to feel and see horses share their gratitude is something far too many vets never get to experience. He says that moment when a horse sinks its head into your chest to say ‘thank-you’ is something to behold.

And he couldn’t have a conversation about his life and career without mentioning his love and respect for his wife, Margie Goldstein-Engle. Steve shares how the pair initially came together and how their story brought them back together after time apart. He considers his spiritual life as an important aspect of his self-care, combined with the physical and dietary elements. And no matter how hard he works, there is always joy to be found in everything he does in service to horses.

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