So how did you celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Royal Winter Fair? Hitting Your Stride took the show on the road and spent time getting up close and personal with people at the show, hearing their stories about all things ranging from how things have been since the Royal last held its annual event to how they felt coming back or coming to one of the the equine world’s biggest shows for the first time.

Caelan Gipson, Sarah Long & Tracey Mitchell.


Tracey talked with vendors about how they approached this year’s Royal and what their mindset has been since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, getting a little deeper with them about how they’ve approached life and business in the last few years. She also hit the horse palace to chat with a couple of riders to get their take on where they’re at in the ring and out.

Talking to saddle makers, innovators, creatives, industry insiders and some ground-shaking entrepreneurs, Tracey talked about mentoring, setting goals, reinventing one’s self and finding inspiration. This is the full-length episode of Equestrian Elements’ trip to the Royal, so stay tuned for the bonus episode coming in the near future.

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