When a guy like Scott Cieslar comes out and says his goal in life is to make life better for horses, you tend to believe him. And as the latest guest on the Hitting Your Stride podcast, Scott shares his passion and purpose with us, and then some!

The conversation begins where so many of them do, as Scott tells Tracey Mitchell what he learned from the first horse he ever worked with on his family’s farm. Taking that with him on a long and winding journey, he’s working on making Mad Barn more than an average supplement company. He takes pleasure and sees the value of providing education along with his goods, keeping true to Mad Barn’s mission.

In a deeply technical episode, Scott and Tracey do take time to discuss the importance of self-investment, learning the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, and he and the Mad Barn team stay focused on what’s important to them.

You can get in touch with Scott via the Mad Barn website by going to www.madbarn.ca  Listen to the episode here: