Tracey takes a figurative seat for this episode, as she welcomes saddle-fitting veteran Christian Lowe to the show for a peek at what it’s like helping someone with one of the most important decisions an equine athlete can make. Christian and Tracey talk about how in more than 30 years in the business he’s done and seen a lot, but knows there’s always more to learn when you’re open to it.

Starting out in the wholesale/retail side, Christian talks about how the decision to head to England to educate himself got him started on his saddle-fitting path. They then delve into the differences between the world of equestrian sport in Canada versus England and mainland Europe and how understanding that came with a learning curve. He opens up when talking about finding his niche in the profession and how figuring certain things out helped to give him a much-needed boost to his confidence. The two horse lovers then talk about how their jobs are closely related and how consistency is key when working with horses.

As they wind their way through those topics, the podcast comes to a close with Christian talking about how mentorship is important and that life coaching can be a strong tool for anyone when it comes to reaching both your goals and needs ‒ two things that change as you move through the different stages of your life. It’s a chat worth having, and the pair make sure to cover their bases thoroughly.

Christian Lowe can be found on Facebook (search Christian Lowe Leather Care), LinkedIn, and on his website Listen to the episode here: