It is not unusual to be an Irish party at the World Championships for Young Horses. And this was also the case in the class for 5-year-old horses! Greg Broderick won gold with Arraghbegh Clover. After her first place at the World Championship, the mare changed stables, to eventually be sold to the Russian Olga Chechina with whom she jumped to 1m45 level.

Silver went to Bertram Allen who had saddled Castlefield Denver for the occasion. He is a half-brother of the 1m60 jumping Warwick (Roelof Bril), but Denver himself never performed higher than his second place at the World Championship.

For Invisible Star and Guillaume Batillat, there was a bronze medal at the World Championship in 2013. This daughter of Winningmood x Skippy II was bred by Walter Lelie and still competed internationally at the beginning of this year with the Brazilian Fernando Chiarotto Penteado. They jumped together at 1m50 level!

In addition to these 3 medal winners, the Final also consisted of 60 other finalists. Let’s see whom you know!

We start with Doklahoma VDL. She finished fourth in the final and has already jumped 1m60 World Cups and Grand Prix under the saddle of Mohammed Ghanem Al Hajri.

The top five in 2013 was completed by Dimitrie VDL. He was no longer in the international scene after the World Championship in Lanaken…

1m60 jumpers:
April Mury Marais Z (1m60 with Patrick McEntee)
Lycon 3 (1m60 with Maurice Tebbel)
Ibabco ( 1m60 with Santiago Lambre)
Indra van de Oude Heihoef ( 1m60 with Shane Sweetnam)
Caveman DH Z (1m60 with Mohamed Nadim)
Day Dream ( 1m60 with Ben Maher)
Chic Hin d’Hyrencourt (1m60 with Beezie Madden)
Ninkie de Vy Z (1m60 with Kayleigh Watts)
Ilias (1m60 with Annabel Revers)
Issini van Gerhoeven ( 1m60 with Luka Zaloznik)
Don’t Worry B ( 1m60 with Luca Marziani)

1m50 jumpers:
Dancing Queen Z
Semper Fi 4
Iron Lady van ‘t Meulenhof
H5 Quantador 3
Captain Jack 44
Uppercut de Bay
HBR Don’t Touch It M
Hilton del Sasso
Ultimate de Kreisker
Elle Dorado
Dalli Dalli 6
Casillias N89 Z

1m45 jumpers:
Corale van ‘t Glemhof Z
Lover Boy Z
Candico Z
Asqui Z
Stanfour 4
Timpex Emlek
VDL Groep Spiritivo
Future Storm

Final score? Twelve 1m60 horses, 13 1m50 horses and twelve 1m45 horses brings the total to 37 out of 63. View the results of the 5-year olds in 2013 here.


Over to the six-year-olds, where 40 finalists were qualified in 2013.

After silver in the final for 5-year-old horses, Bertram Allen also claimed gold in the final for 6-year-olds. This time he saddled Barnike. Together they continued to grow in the sport, because Allen and Barnike jumped together to 1m60 level! For example, the duo was active at CSIO5* level before Alex Duffy took place in the saddle.

The silver went to the Netherlands, thanks to Marcel Willems and Calimera. She comes directly out of a 1m60 mare, namely West Falica (by Perion). Unfortunately, Calimera did not follow in her mother’s footsteps. The mare later jumped CSI1* competitions under the saddle of the American Sarah Hubbard.

Bronze was also for the Netherlands, namely for Kristian Houwen and Cidane . Cidane is a half brother of Audi’s Reflection, who jumped at 1m60 level under Vincent Voorn. Cidane himself never jumped higher than 1m40.

The fourth place at the World Championship was for Romain Potin and Tzigano Massuere. He later broke through to 1m60 level! Potin and Tzigano jumped for example the Grand Prix of Lisbon and Vilamoura and they participated in the Nations Cup of Samorin.

The fifth place was also for a Cassini II son, namely Cassini’s Angel. He was seen in Lanaken under the saddle of Henrik von Eckermann and later jumped at CSI5* 1m50 level before he was sold!

1m60 jumpers:
Chalisco (1m60 with Emil Hallundbaek)
SX Hidalgo VG (1m60 with Jonna Ekberg)
Lordanos Junior (1m60 with Scarlett Charles)
Compadre van de Helle ( 1m60 with Constant Van Paesschen)
Balance 30 ( 1m60 with Felix Hassmann)
HH Messenger (1m60 with Quentin Judge)
Caramba 70 (1m60 with Karl Brocks)
Boyfriend du Seigneur (1m60 with Gregory Robin)
Celena VDL (1m60 with Harrie Smolders)
Camillo VDL (1m60 with Stacy Babes)
Qinghai (1m60 with Guido Klatte Jr.)
Thais de Pegase ( 1m60 with Alix Ragot)
Cavalia (1m60 with Marlon Modolo Zanotelli)
Noerremoellehoejs Ariel (1m60 with Thomas Sandgaard)

1m50 jumpers:
Calmando 3
Famoso d’Ive Z
Casuality Z
Casall De Fuyssieux Z
Happiness van ‘t Paradijs
Bolero Wisbecq
Comtesse vt Ertsenhof Z
VDL Groep C Tara Z

1m45 jumpers:
Harly PKZ
PM Balougraf
Casablanca 98
Stella Z
Yalambi’s Chiquita

Final score? Sixteen 1m60 horses, nine 1m50 horses and six 1m45 jumpers brings the total to 31 out of 40. In addition, Casuality Z, Calimera, Cidane and Harly PKZ also jumped the World Championship in 2012! View the results of the 6-year olds in 2013 here.


Only the final for 7-year-old horses remains. Here we list 39 finalists of which only 2 managed to stay double clear. It was a real king’s final, because the names in this final certainly broke through in the big sport!

Gold was for Gudrun Patteet with Sea Coast Atlantic. He recorded numerous top performances at CSIO5* level. For example, he finished 10th in the CSI5* GP of Oslo. At CSI4* level the gelding really shone: he won the CSI4* Grand Prix of Ascona, finished fourth in the CSI4* GP of La Coruna and sixth in the CSI4* GP of Bolesworth!

Silver also went to a big name in the sport … Namely Bacardi VDL and Jos Lansink! He jumped phenomenally under the saddle of Janika Sprunger with whom he achieved exceptional results, such as a first place in the World Cup of Dubai, a second place in the CSI5* GP of Doha, a third place in the World Cup of Sharjah and so on… Meanwhile, the phenomenal stallion is owned by Edwina Tops-Alexander.

Bronze went to Rodrigo Pessoa and G C Atlanta Z. This daughter of Andiamo Z x Heartbreaker eventually jumped at 1m50 level and is closely related to SX Hidalgo VG who competed in the final of six year old horses.

Fourth place was for a later European champion, namely H&M All In. He jumped the World Championship Final with Nicola Philippaerts before he came under the saddle of Peder Fredricson. Together they won numerous 1m60 classes, such as the GP of Stockholm, the GP of Falsterbo, the GP of Rotterdam, the GCT of Hamburg, the European Championship in Gothenburg,…

The name in fifth place is also of an unprecedented class… Namely Gazelle and Eiken Sato. She became world famous under the saddle of Kent Farrington. Not surprising of course, because they already won the CSI5* Grand Prix’s of Calgary, Tryon, Geneva, Valence, Madrid, Wellington, Aachen, …

But that is not everything. The following world top showjumpers also competed at the World Championships in 2013:

1m60 jumpers:

Martin Fuchs (SUI) on Clooney 51.

Martin Fuchs (SUI) on Clooney 51. (FEI/Liz Gregg)

Clooney 51 (1m60 with Martin Fuchs)
MHS Going Global (1m60 with Athina Onassis)
Chaqui Z (1m60 with Shane Sweetnam)
Quolita Z (1m60 with Harold Boisset)
Gentiane de la Pomme (1m60 with Wilm Vermeir)
Caruso 472 (1m60 with Jennifer Kocher)
Be Cool (1m60 with Boy-Adrian van Gelderen)
Gautcho da Quinta (1m60 with Catherine van Roosbroeck)
For Sale 6 (1m60 with Emily Moffitt)
Carlo (1m60 with Sebastian Adams)
Que Pasa 5 (1m60 with Bartosz Adamus)
Benito (1m60 with Marie Longem)
Cyrano d’Orbri (1m60 with José Thiry)
Remi Cavalleri (1m60 with Emily Ward)
Gladys ( 1m60 with Rogelio Pellerano)
Brighton (1m60 with Tiffany Foster)
Toulonia ( 1m60 with Jaime Azcarraga)
Charielle (1m60 with Alois Pollman-Schweckhorst)

1m50 jumpers:
SL Brazonado
Callisto Z
Gigi van het Daalhof
Candy Boy 20
Caprice 463
For Fox Heldenlaan Z

1m45 jumpers:
Sothis d’Ouilly
S L I Byron
Cassanova Z

Final score? Twenty-two 1m60 horses, eleven 1m50 horses and six 1m45 jumping horses brings the total to 39 out of 39. The perfect final… In addition, MHS Going Global and SL Brazonado also jumped the World Championship as a finalist in 2012! Gladys, Be Cool, Bacardi VDL and Geena already participated in the World Championship final in 2011 as a five-year-old. Caruso 472, Chaqui Z and S L I Byron did even better: they jumped the World Championships finals in 2011, 2012 and 2013! View the results of the 7-year olds in 2013 here.