Approved stallions can serve up to hundreds of mares a year, which leads to a big number of offspring on the ground defending their father’s name. The mother’s side of a horse’s bloodline, however, gives horses their uniqueness. Mares usually will only carry one foal per term and due to a gestation period of 11 months, they will only be able to produce a limited amount of offspring. Although the rising technologies like embryo transfers and ICSI have made it possible for mares to produce multiple foals a year, they are not yet able to produce as many offspring a year as stallions can.

We take a deeper look at some of the broodmares that currently have the highest number of first-generation offspring competing at the international level during the past 365 days. At this point in time, there are six mares who have eight or more offspring that have competed internationally in the past 365 days.

1/ Café Crème

Café Crème, born in 2004, is a daughter of Creve Coeur out of an Athlet Z-mother, who actively competed up to 1,45m level herself under World Champion Philippe Lejeune from Belgium. Eleven of her offspring have competed at the international level these past 365 days winning a combined total amount of €19,986 over 117 starts. Two of her offspring are Black Types.

Blueberry by HH Conrad was born in 2011 and has jumped up to 1.55m level successfully with USA rider Nicholas dello Joio.

Her other Black Type offspring is the 2011 born mare Copacabana de Hus Z by Cosinhus who is currently showing at 1.45m level in Mexico with Carlos Rodolfo Molina Gordillo.

2/ Evita van ‘t Roosakker

Evita van ‘t Roosakker is a 16 year-old mare by Nabab de Rève out of the Chin Chin mare, Usha van ‘t Roosakker who jumped 1.50m with Japan’s Eiken Sato and Belgium’s Jonas Vervoort. She is also the full sister to the two 1.60m jumpers Equador van ‘t Roosakker and Emperio van ‘t Roosakker. This past year, ten of her first generation offspring have competed internationally, winning a total amount of €27,739 over 146 starts, half of which are Black Types.

The mare Josephine vd Bisschop, born in 2009 by Tornedo FCS, competed up to 1.45m level with French rider, Jeanne Sadran and is currently being ridden by USA’s Jacob Wells.

Nine-year-old Luigi vd Bisschop is a Bamako de Muze who is currently showing up to 1.45m level in the USA with Matt Archer.

Melvin vd Bisschop by Elvis ter Putte is 8 years old and currently competes up to 1.45m level with Canadian rider, Tim Wilks.

At the highest level we find Isaac vd Bisschop who is a 12 year-old son of Calvaro Z and jumps up to 1.60m level with Swiss rider Hansueli Sprunger.

Last but not least, Jackson vd Bisschop seems to be Evita’s most successful offspring this past year, winning €27,739 over the past 365 days. The 11 year-old son by Flipper d’Elle jumps up to 1.55m level with Norway’s Ingrid Gjelsten.

3/ Heroine de Muze

Heroine de Muze is the first of four mares who has eight offspring at the international level this past year, hers winning a combined total amount of €14,954 over 135 starts. The 13 year-old mare by Tinka’s Boy out of a For Pleasure mare currently still competes at the highest level herself with Japanese rider Taizo Sugitani. It seems that her quality is hereditary as all eight of the offspring that compete internationally are Black Types and therefore compete at 1.45m level or higher.

Koko Kantinka.

Nabab de Reve seemed to be a dream combination for Heroine de Muze, with no less five out of eight Black Type offspring being a combination of these two top-level horses. Ten year-old mare, Koko Katinka competes up to 1.45 level with Canada’s Rachel Cornacchia. Her full sister of the same age, Kigali vd Bisschop also competed at 1.45m level with Great Britain’s Joe Clee and more recently with Belgian rider, Nadège Janssen. Nimrod de Muze, full brother to Koko and Kigali, but one year their junior, has jumped up to 1.45 level with Laurent Goffinet, but more recently is found under the saddle of Brazil’s Pedro Veniss. Ten year-old mare, Kirby de Muze successfully competes at 1.50m level with Great Britain’s young lady rider, Chloe Winchester. And finally, the last Nabab de Reve x Heroine de Muze product is the 8 year-old gelding, Morfine de Muze, who has shown up to 1.45m level internationally with Belgian rider, Rik Hemeryck.

Other stallions seem to pair well with the Tinka’s Boy-mare too, which is proven by Litchie de la Liniere, a 9 year-old mare by Loro Piana Filou de Muze. She is active at 1.45m level with Belgian rider, Christof Deraedt. Levis de Muze is a 9 year-old son of Elvis ter Putte, who jumped his first 1.50m class this past month at the three-star show in Canteleu, France under Greek young rider, Ioli Mytilineou. At the end of this very impressive line-up of offspring is Kitona de Muze. She actively competes at 1.60m level with French rider, Alexis Deroubaix.

4/ Capitale 5

Capitale 5, born as Golden Pearl in 2001, is a mare by Carthago Z out of a Quick Star mare. Eight of her offspring have competed at the international level these past 365 days, winning a combined total of €2,409 over 79 starts. Two of her current active offspring are Black Types.

Zanvago is a 12 year-old gelding by Sanvaro who has competed up to 1.55m level with Danish rider, Nikolaj Hein Ruus, but more recently is shown by Mexican rider Sebastian Rodriguez Robles.

The 12 year-old mare Sagolda has been ridden by Swedish rider, Nicole Persson up to 1.55m level.

5/ Kaolympe Plardiere

Kaolympe Plardiere was born in 1998 as a daughter of Diamant de Semilly out of a Glamorgan mother. Out of the eight offspring that have jumped internationally these past 365 days, four of them are Black Types. During this past year, these eight offspring of Kaolympe Plardiere won a combined amount of €25,555 over 149 starts.

La Luciole, also known as Black Mamba or Brossard Brimbelles is a 9 year-old mare by Paradis Latin. She competed up to 1.50m level with USA rider, Andrew Kocher and more recently is seen under the saddle of Canada’s Jacqueline Steffens.

Vanda McLaren was born as Tootsie Brimbelles Z in 2012. The mare by Tiny Boy jumped up to 1.45m level with Brazilian rider, Marlon Modolo Zanotelli.

Amak des Brimbelles is a 9 year-old son of Amadeus Z. In combination with French rider, Titouan Schumacher, he jumps up to 1.50m level.

Also ridden by Titouan Schumacher is Eliot Brimbelles Z. Eliot is a 10 year-old son of E.T. Cryozootech Z who has competed up to 1.60m with the French rider.

6/ Amati P.M.S

Amati P.M.S. was born as Utima in 1995. The daughter of Argentinus by Beach Boy is the full sister of the legendary stallion Arko III, who was incredibly successful under British rider, Nick Skelton. Eight of Amati’s offspring have been active at the international level this past year, winning a combined amount of €25,569 over 103 starts. Two of them are Black Types.

Anibale de Hus is a 10 year-old approved stallion by HH Conrad. He jumps at the highest level with the Russian rider, Egor Shchibrik.

His half-brother Tsunami de Hus is also an approved stallion. The 13 year-old is a son of L’Arc de Triomphe who competed up to 1.60m level with Mohammed Ahmed Al Owais from the United Arab Emirates.

(PS: It is important to note that some mares may have other significantly successful offspring throughout their breeding career, besides the ones mentioned above. This article discusses purely the offspring that has been active at international competitions in the past 365 days.)

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