Australian eventing rider Alexandra McDonough has been provisionally suspended by the FEI under its safeguarding protocols while awaiting trial on matters arising from rape allegations against her boyfriend Callum Buczak.

In October 2019 Buczak, also an eventing rider, became the first person to be provisionally suspended by the FEI for conduct not associated with his participation in equestrian sport. He is due to stand trial this summer for a sex offence which allegedly occurred in February 2019.

In September 2020, Melbourne magistrates heard that McDonough, who was Buczak’s girlfriend at the time of the alleged offence, “stalked” the alleged rape victim after police began investigating Buczak. She followed her online activity and reported back to Buczak. McDonough too will stand trial this year and, since December 18, 2020, has also been provisionally suspended by the FEI for alleged psychological abuse.

Buczak is also accused of asking others to send offensive messages to the victim. The riders, both 29, strenuously deny the charges.

The FEI’s safeguarding protocols were introduced in January 2019. To date, one other competitor, a driver, has been sanctioned, for “physical and psychological abuse,” but the details have never been disclosed.