Ankum – The world’s most significant sport horse auction – The P.S.I. in Ankum, Germany – is offering a special service over the internet for horse lovers around the world. On Saturday, December 1st, the collection of carefully selected dressage horses will be presented for the first time at the auction centre in Ankum, and the world can follow the event via internet. At exactly 6 p.m. Central European Time the auction horses will be presenting themselves and will be well shown through the perspectives of two video cameras.

Those interested can follow at home on the live stream provided on In New York it will be 12 mid day, in Sydney an early 6 a.m. and in Rio de Janeiro 3.p.m. afternoon and all eyes will be focused on the high quality of the selected P.S.I. Auction horses.

A total of 27 dressage horses from four to six years of age will be auctioned at the Performance Sales International which will take place December 8th and 9th. Included among others are Samba Hit III, an approved Brandenburg stallion and the full brother of the once auction highlight Poetin, or the vice federal champion of the four year old riding horses, London by Londonderry.