The FEI has created an online Reporting Mechanism to centralize the feedback from grooms attending international equestrian events and to provide deeper insights into the needs and priorities of the community.

The Grooms Reporting Mechanism was created to raise the well-being of equestrian grooms, and to enhance their working conditions, welfare, and overall status in order to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for these dedicated professionals.

“The Grooms Reporting Mechanism is a game-changer for the equestrian industry, empowering grooms to have their voices heard and their experiences acknowledged,” director of the International Grooms Association (IGA) Lucy Katan said.

“This mechanism not only fosters transparency and accountability but also cultivates a culture of continuous improvement within the FEI and with Organising Committees, ensuring that the welfare and working conditions of grooms are taken into consideration at every stage of the decision-making and planning process.



“But a tool like this is only as good as the people using it, and the IGA hopes that individual member of the Grooms’ community will make a conscious effort to provide their feedback, both negative and positive, so that collectively we can elevate the professional standing of grooms worldwide.”

Key elements of the Grooms Reporting Mechanism include:

  • Integration with the FEI HorseApp: The Grooms Reporting Mechanism has been seamlessly integrated into the FEI HorseApp, allowing all grooms with an FEI account to submit reports conveniently for all levels of events, and in all disciplines. This integration ensures that reports are directly associated with specific events, enabling targeted improvements and tailored responses.
  • Multiple Reports per Event: Grooms have the flexibility to submit multiple reports, enabling them to provide ongoing feedback throughout the duration of the event and two days after its conclusion.
  • Comprehensive Feedback on Event Amenities: Grooms can share detailed observations and evaluations of amenities provided at events, including facilities, accommodation, and other essential services.
  • Direct Reporting to the FEI: Reports submitted by grooms through the Grooms Reporting Mechanism will be shared directly with the FEI. The relevant FEI departments will carefully review and follow up on each report to address any concerns, initiate improvements, and ensure that the feedback is effectively incorporated into the organization of future events.

“What came through strongly during the setup of the International Grooms Association in 2022, was that grooms needed to be provided with a way of communicating directly with the FEI to relay their concerns about Event facilities,” chair of the FEI Grooms Consultative Group Frank Kemperman said.

“By allowing grooms to express their opinions and concerns, they can have a direct influence on the decision-making processes that affect them and the FEI in turn can more quickly identify the key areas for improvement that will make the Event experience more comfortable and enjoyable for grooms.

“International grooms have a unique lifestyle and the care and services they provide are key to any equestrian athlete’s success. And as any athlete will tell you, a happy groom makes for a happy horse! It is our moral and social duty to ensure that we support these important members of our community with the best conditions in which to do their jobs.”