In a close vote at the Extraordinary General Assembly in Miami, FL on March 12, the Peruvian capital of Lima was chosen by the member countries of Panam Sports as the city that will host the 2027 Pan American Games. The decision came after two intense months of candidate rivalry between Lima and Asunción, Paraguay, which became necessary after the coastal city of Barranquilla in Colombia lost its chance to host the multi-continental event when contractual obligations were not met and promised sponsorship of $8 million failed to materialize.

The presidents of the Olympic Committees of Peru and Paraguay, Renzo Manyari and Camilo Pérez, each had 40 minutes to pitch their respective cities, showing videos and messages from their main authorities. This was followed by a Q&A session with queries submitted from the member countries.

“The city that will host the next 2027 Pan American Games with 28 votes [out of 52] in favor is… Lima, Peru,” said the President of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic, after the virtual vote was carried out, overseen by the British company Lumi. Panam Sports represents the 41 National Olympic Committees of the Americas.

Lima successfully hosted the XVIII Pan American Games in 2019, meaning that the infrastructure for many sports is already in place. However, Peru will must honour the $369 million pledged to improve and/or expand the existing facilities.

“I want to highlight the transparency of the process and the brotherhood of both nations that competed healthily for the right to host the 2027 Pan American Games” said Ilic. “I want to congratulate Lima, the Peruvian Olympic Committee and its president Renzo Manyari, and all of Peru for this tremendous achievement. A few years ago, they made an entire continent vibrate and today, with more experience and a spectacular infrastructure, they want to repeat or improve the success achieved in 2019.

“I also take this opportunity to congratulate Paraguay and President Camilo Pérez. They are doing a great job with Paraguayan sport and its athletes, so my call is for them to continue growing and developing. They have a tremendous challenge ahead of them such as the Junior Pan American Games in 2025, where I am sure they will be a great host for the entire continent,” he added.

Manyari pointed out that “We are happy for this triumph. We will work to make everyone’s experience the best they have ever had, and they have the absolute devotion of more than 33 million Peruvians. Thanks for trusting us. Thanks also to President Dina Boluarte and her unrestricted support for this candidacy. ‘Together We Win!’”

While no fixed date for the 2027 Games has been set, indications point to September to take advantage of Lima’s spring climate to avoid the cool winter weather experienced there in 2019.