Kristjan Good of Campbellville, ON, rode Chantilly Lace to the win in the $15,000 Braeburn Farms Hunter Derby on Sunday afternoon at the Royal Horse Show.

When Good and the eight-year-old Canadian Sport Horse mare entered the ring in the Coca-Cola Coliseum, the 2018 winner of the class, Isabelle Lapierre, had just taken over the top spot with an overall score of 102, including handy and high option bonus points, aboard Lamaze OBF, owned by Margot Clarke-Smith.

Lapierre’s lead was short lived however, as Good and Chantilly Lace, owned by Shannon Walter, quickly took over the leaderboard with a total score of 103 over the course designed by Meaghan Rawlins of Victoria, BC.

Both Good’s and Lapierre’s scores would prove untouchable by any of the remaining entries in the 21-horse field, securing the second-place honour for Lapierre, of Levis, QC, and the win for Good.

“Chantilly Lace was very, very handy,” said Good of the mare he first started competing in derbies in 2018. “She’s a game animal. She always tries for you, and nothing really ever fazes her. She’s just fun all around.”

Good’s strong performances in Canadian Hunter Derby Series (CHDS) events throughout the past years have earned him the nickname the “derby whisperer,” but Sunday’s win marked his first derby victory at The Royal. “It’s very special because it was a good year, and I went in thinking if it was just a smooth show, I’d be happy, so to do this exceeded the expectations,” said Good, 31.

Finishing in third behind Good and Lapierre with a score of 95 was Margaret Guthrie of Guelph, ON, and Damiro van ter Notelaere, owned by Knightwood Stables.

Each of the horses in Sunday afternoon’s class qualified through the Canadian Hunter Derby Series, running throughout the season at horse shows across the country. Hunter Derby competition returns to the Coca-Cola Coliseum on Tuesday, November 5, with the $25,000 Knightwood Hunter Derby beginning at 7 p.m. The overall high point horse from both the Braeburn Farms Hunter Derby and the Knightwood Hunter Derby will be presented with the Lorna Jean Guthrie Challenge Trophy.

The Royal Horse Show continues with amateur-owner and adult hunter competition on Monday, November 4. The Jump Canada National Medal Finals, the $25,000 Knightwood Hunter Derby, and the Royal Dressage Derby Night take the spotlight on Tuesday, November 5. The international show jumping division opens on Wednesday, November 6, featuring the $37,000 Jolera International Strength & Speed Challenge on Wednesday evening, as anticipation builds for the $210,000 Longines FEI Jumping World CupTM Toronto on Saturday night, November 7.

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$15,000 Braeburn Farms Hunter Derby Results

Sunday, November 3

Rider Hometown Horse Score

1. Kristjan Good Campbellville, ON Chantilly Lace 103

2. Isabelle Lapierre Levis, QC Lamaze OBF 102

3. Margaret Guthrie Guelph, ON Damiro Van Ter Notelaere 95

4. Ashley Arnoldt Langley, BC Carivero 92

5. Katie Uloth Tottenham, ON Enchanted 91

6. Leanna Lazzari Mississauga, ON UFO De Nisi 89

7. Brianna Ballard St Lazare, QC Jazz Air 88

8. Carly Campbell-Cooper Waterloo, ON. Charlie Chaplin 87

9. Kristjan Good Campbellville, ON Salvo RSF 84

10. Jillian Nicholls Loretto, ON Limbo 124 83