The show promoters accused of sabotaging their client’s idea for a team series have strongly denied the accusations made in the lawsuit reported by yesterday. One of the defendants, Keean White, was given the opportunity to comment when HorseSport,com first became aware of the accusations, but he declined. He has now contacted wishing to respond and writes as follows:

“The article “Lawsuit Accuses U.S. and Canadian Jumping Promoters of Sabotaging Client” is based on mere lawsuit allegations and is inaccurate. Major League Show Jumping provides this brief history of the decision to form a show jumping league.

In 2019, Morrissey Management Group (“MMG”) and Angelstone Farms (“Angelstone”) were requested by the National Equestrian League (“NEL”) to assist in bringing professional show jumping to North America. In early 2019, there were discussions of a 2020 tour of existing events involving MMG and Angelstone venues in Canada and the United States.

In mid-2019, the NEL decided that use of existing show jumping events was not viable, concluding that major/large city event destinations were necessary. The NEL then proposed development of an eight-stop tour of North American cities beginning in 2021.

Through November 2019, MMG and Angelstone made diligent and successful effort to sell teams and organize events. However, the NEL then abandoned the decision to have a 2021 tour due to purported financial and league success concerns.

In December 2019, meetings occurred in Spain in which MMG and Angelstone encouraged the NEL to proceed with the league formation as they had team commitments, USEF dates, and momentum. The NEL was provided with revenue generation ideas, event and sponsorship information, and exhibitor spending data to encourage the commencement of a 2021 tour. However, the NEL was steadfast in its decision to abandon the project, concluding there was no sustainable North American league model.

MMG and Angelstone were disheartened, having worked diligently to make the league a reality. They were also confident that a North American professional show jumping league would be entertaining, popular and financially successful.

The allegations of fraud, sabotage and infringement are false. The project was abandoned by NEL and there were no legal prohibitions on MMG and Angelstone proceeding to form a league—Major League Show Jumping. MMG and Angelstone are confident that they will prevail in the lawsuit.”