It was a strong victory for the Irishman in the CSI5*-W in La Coruña. A well-experienced Denis Lynch with Rubens LS La Silla cornered his three rivals in the jump off of the Longines Trophy. The Casas Novas arena presented a perfect course only for those who could make their round with concentration, a strong rapport with the horse, speed and dexterity. So much so that only 4 pairs qualified for the final round, in which the winner would be decided: the British Guy Williams and Robert Whitaker, the Dutchman Marc Houtzager and Lynch himself, who has pocketed 75,900 euros with this win.

The first to enter the arena was Williams, who did not have a lucky performance with Rouge de Ravel. Lynch wanted to succeed, which he did, challenging the next two with a devilish 40.33-second time without penalty. Then came the experienced Whitaker with Catwalk IV, and Houtzager with Sterrehof’s Dante. Whitaker unfortunately knocked one fence down, and did not complete the course in a better time, (made 40.84 seconds), however, the Dutchman flew even faster than the Irish (39.79), but also knocked down an oxer in the attempt. Despite this, they reached a negligible second and third place (46,000 and 34,500 euros, respectively). In the case of Whitaker, it is the second time he proudly has reached the podium in the Galician event, since yesterday he also succeeded in the NH Collection Trophy.

A brand new winner who stated, “the excellent surface of the track” in Coruña, mentioning the good work of those responsible for the layout and also the expertise of Rubens LS La Silla. The 13-year-old horse, which was previously ridden by the Irish Conor Swail, “was very successful in America,” said Lynch, who he only started riding in August. “I was lucky because my horse is not the fastest, but it has a lot of experience. He was calm, he turned very well in the laps and I am very happy. ”

The Marqués de Riscal Trophy and Pablo Valle

As for the two other competitions that took place today, of the CSI2*, in both cases it was the Spainish anthem that sounded in honor of the winners. The highest test, with obstacles of 1.40 meters, the Marqués de Riscal Trophy, went to Pablo Valle. The rider once again had his best ally with Tresor de Varende, and both achieved the winning time: 54.88 seconds.

Despite the presence of 8 other nationalities among the contestants, the podium was clear after an exciting duel between Spanish pairs. Valle had achieved the first place from Gonzalo Añón (56.19 seconds with Elisa van de Helle) and Diego Maneiro took third (57.37 with Gina-Unlimited), but there were more riders not willing to be unnoticed. Thus, Álex Codina was commissioned with Cruising Star to secure third place, and Íñigo López de la Osa, with Sultan de Beaufour, slipped into fourth place in the final minutes of the event. Maneiro was, therefore, fifth classified, and Ainhoa ​​Manero followed, with 57.58 seconds riding Turquoise d’Ivraie.

Lexus Trophy, Second Podium for Alejandro Álvarez and Leonardo Me

Alejandro Álvarez Gutiérrez and Leo Medal Rionda switched roles in the 1.30 meter test of the 2* competition. The Asturian riders were first and second, respectively, in the Lexus Trophy, exactly the opposite of the Inaugural Trophy, where Medal was placed ahead of Alvarez on Friday.

The two repeated their riding in both tests and, in addition, were the only ones who finished without penalties. Califa Sa led Alejandro to victory with a time of 59.53, and Eyre de Saro approached Leo until 60.62. After them, in the third drawer of the podium, the Amazon María López de la Vara, with 65.53 seconds.

Everything Prepared for a Luxury Finale

In a short, brief but intense day that has been lived in the equestrian epicenter of Coruña, and that serves to open up a great equestrian day tomorrow. A thrilling program that will conclude, starting at 5 pm, with the Longines FEI World Cup Grand Prix – CaixaBank Trophy. For the fourth consecutive year, La Coruña has the privilege of hosting a stage of the most important circuit in the world, a test endowed with 300,000 euros in prizes.

They will be new among the participants Edwina Tops-Alexander and Piergiorgio Bucci, after the casualties of Guy Williams and Mikael Forstein. A great opportunity for the Australian to keep up her legend, since both in 2018 and 2017 she was the winner of this World Cup Grand Prix in A Coruña.

However, this will not be the only test that shows beauty and quality this Sunday at the Casas Novas equestrian center. The 5 * competition has its first appointment in the Prosegur Trophy, which starts at 11:00 and reserves prizes worth 95,000 euros.

In addition, the Sensormatic Grand Prix, of the 2 * contest, will begin, scheduled to start at 1:45 p.m. The earliest will be the Lallier Trophy, of the CSI2 *, starting at 9 am.

The two top prizes will end with a jump-off, which guarantees maximum intensity and emotions in another unforgettable day.