The International Young Breeders Championships is being held this year at Stutteri Ask, on the island of Fyn in central Denmark, July 4-6. The championships invites young people from all around the globe whose studbooks are members of the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses. WBFSH is an independent and international umbrella organization of studbooks whose mission is to foster breeding progress to produce the best sport horses.

These championships are hosted biannually with studbook teams of eight split in two age groups of 16-20 and 21-26 years of age with three to four participants per age group; alternatively, lower numbers can compete as individuals. The competition includes four disciplines: theory; judging of conformation traits; judging of athleticism traits (loose jump and movement); and presenting a horse in hand. The 2017 edition was held at Spruce Meadows; the last edition in 2022 was won by Team Irish Sport Horse.

Maria Ardito, Young Breeders Coordinator for the Canadian Warmblood Horse Breeders Association (CWHBA), has announced the 2024 Canadian teams:

Junior Team
Avery Caine (Ontario)
Mikayla Brummund (Sask)
Tayler Mundt (Alberta)
Katelyn Mullin (Ontario)

Senior Team
Hailey Larkin (Ontario)
Amy Speers (Alberta)
Vera Bos (Ontario)
Alexxa Goudy (Ontario)
Reserve – Jessica Larkin (Ontario)

Fundraising for the team is underway; bidding starts February 16th and items can be viewed HERE.

Founded in 2003, the CWHBA Young Breeders team was the first non-European organization to participate in the International Young Breeders Competition. The CWHBA young Breeders Program encourages youth to connect and gain knowledge on the breeding industry, while providing guidance and support to ensure they are prepared to have a positive impact on the equine community as a whole. The main activities of our program include training and information sessions, encouraging participants to volunteer at CW events across the country, national competition, and participation by selected team members at the world championship competition representing the CWHBA Studbook.