The Equine Disease Communication Center reports a couple of recent outbreaks at Canadian farms in Alberta and Prince Edward Island.

The first involves multiple cases of Equine Herpesvirus – Neurologic at a boarding facility in Wheatland County, AB, on June 12. Horse #1 is a 14-year-old Paint mare who began displaying clinical signs on June 5th including hind limb ataxia and weakness and nystagmus (involuntary rapid eye movement). She remains alive and her vaccination status is unknown.

Horse #2 is a 9-year-old Quarter Horse mare who began showing signs of illness on June 2nd manifesting as ataxia in all limbs, inability to back up, stumbling, and adopting dog-sitting postures. Horse is also listed as affected and alive. Both confirmed cases are in voluntary quarantine; 10 others on the farms have mild nasal discharge and a total of 20 animals have been exposed and are under observation.

In Queens County, PE, two cases of Strangles were reported by the attending veterinarian at a race track on June 9th. In early May one horse at Red Shores racetrack had clinical evidence of Strangles and was removed from the property. A second horse from a different stable was confirmed positive and was isolated in quarantine away from the barns. As of the latest report, both barns have been released from quarantine after testing was complete. The second horse that was culture-positive remains in a separate quarantine area along with two close contacts. No other horses appeared to be affected.