Equestrian Canada (EC) is pleased to introduce the Am I Ready Program, created as a tool for EC Dressage Affiliates to receive feedback from certified officials without leaving the comfort of their home stable.

Am I Ready features an online portal that allows athletes to record their performances of EC Dressage Tests at their own stable, and upload the videos for review and evaluation from an EC certified dressage judge. Tests of all levels can be uploaded, from Training to FEI.

Available exclusively to EC Dressage Affiliates, at no additional fee, Am I Ready is a user-friendly, cost-effective and convenient development resource for Canadian dressage athletes from coast-to-coast – or anywhere in the world!

The Dressage Affiliates Fee is mandatory for competitors that are competing at a Silver, Gold or Platinum level. Cost is $20 for Juniors (18 years old and under) and $30 for Seniors.

The benefits of purchasing the Dressage Affiliation are as follows:
• Free copy of Dressage Competitions Handbook (annual value of $15)
• Free access to the Am I Ready Program – Video Evaluation and Development Program
• Discount to Dressage Symposium, Events and clinics ($15 discount on each event)
• Copy of Dressage Quarterly Newsletter
• Ability to participate in Annual Awards Program

Individuals that wish to purchase a Dressage Affiliate without purchasing a Sport License can do so, in order to support the discipline and participate in the benefits.

A digital video recorder (or even simply a smartphone or tablet) and internet access is all that is needed to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Real-World Feedback: Athletes and their personal coaches can review test feedback from EC certified dressage judges and identify areas for improvement.
  • Competition Preparation: Those looking to enter EC sanctioned competitions for the first time, or advance to a higher level of competition, can get a leg-up on preparation by implementing judge feedback at home before entering the ring.
  • Development Opportunities: Those who don’t want to travel to EC sanctioned competitions, or don’t have access to competitions in their geographic area, can receive formal evaluations from EC sanctioned dressage judges without leaving their stable.

To get started, download the Am I Ready – User Guide.

For more information, visit www.equestrian.ca/sport/dressage/programs. Questions regarding the Am I Ready program can be directed to:

Christine Peters
Manager, Dressage
Equestrian Canada
1-866-282-8395 x 138