The FEI has announced that the FEI Key Event Requirements (KERs) System will be launched to cover all FEI events beginning January 1, 2024.

In 2019 a meeting of stakeholders raised concerns about inconsistent standards across events, in particular in areas such as biosecurity, stabling and security. The FEI then embarked on consultation with FEI Technical Committees, National Federations through the annual FEI Sports Forum, and via an extensive global stakeholder survey.

Consultation concluded that although the majority of events provide very good levels of service for athletes, grooms and horses, there is room for improvement, and a more robust system was needed to ensure that critical aspects of event delivery are consistently in line with FEI Rules, requirements and general client expectations.

The initial 14 KERs that have been identified cover aspects including biosecurity, veterinary services, field of play and training provision, footing, as well as multiple aspects of stable provision – security, stable size, ventilation, fire precautions and cleanliness.

All KERs are covered by FEI rules, and monitoring of their compliance is conducted by FEI officials on-event and recorded through established post-event reporting mechanisms. Nine of the fourteen KERs are reported on by the Veterinary Delegate, one by both the Veterinary Delegate and Chief Steward, and the remaining four by Technical Delegates and Foreign Judges depending on the discipline.

Organizers are then contacted as part of an open and accountable process to follow up in the case of any one or more KERs not being met and to ensure that any such shortfalls are addressed prior to the next running of this event.

All information outlining the KERs, how they are monitored and followed up on is available HERE.

~ with files from FEI Communications