Equestrian Canada (EC) would like to advise the community of the rules regarding equine use of cannabis, CBD, THC and hemp products.

Please note that as of Sept. 1, 2019 the presence of THC in an equine medication control sample collected from a horse competing at an EC sanctioned competition results in a Class 2 Infraction, as outlined in the EC Schedule of Fines and Penalties.

Until Dec. 31, 2019, written warnings will be issued if the presence of CBD is detected in equine medication control samples from a horse competing at an EC sanctioned competition.

After Dec. 31, 2019, the presence of CBD in equine medication control samples will result in an infraction to be determined by the Equine Medication Control Committee (EMCC). Confirmation on the infraction will widely communicated once confirmed.

Additional Info: THC, CBD & Hemp
• THC and CBD are prohibited substances as per the EC and CPMA equine medication control programs.

• It is illegal for any veterinarian to prescribe CBD or THC products to treat any animal.

• No products containing CBD are licensed for veterinary use. All CBD-based products have to be considered as supplements, which are not held to the same quality control and content analysis as licensed veterinary products.

• It is not possible to issue elimination guidelines for products that contain CBD, because:
o a) Very little scientific evidence exists.
o b) CBD products are not licensed for use in horses.

• Because of the psychotropic effects of THC (altering of mind, emotions, and behaviour), the use of THC in horses could result in physical injuries to the horse or its rider/handler(s).

• For more information on the use of hemp products, please see the Hemp Oil Fact Sheet.

Questions or comments concerning EC’s Equine Medication Control Program can be directed to:

Shauna Curran-Cooper
Coordinator, Technical Programs – Equine Medication Control
Toll Free: 1-866-282-8395 x 117