Equine Canada announced its 2013 Board of Directors at the federation’s Annual General Meeting during its national convention.

The 2013 Board slate is comprised of:

Michael Gallagher – President
Tony La Giorgia – Secretary of the Board, Director-at-Large
Cheryl Denault – Treasurer
Peggy Hambly – Sport Representative
Jan Stephens – Sport Representative
Al Patterson – Industry representative
Dean Leifso – Industry representative
Jack de Wit – Recreation representative
Tara Gamble – Recreation representative
Rosaire Houde – Provinces representative
Shirley Brodsky – Provinces representative
Kerri McGregor – Director-at-Large
Karen Sparks – Director-at-Large
Corlin Bordeaux – Advisor to the Board (non-voting)
Jean-Christophe Gandubert – Chief Executive Officer

“I am very excited about the composition of the Board this year,” said Gallagher. “We have a great group of people from diverse backgrounds and I think it will be a strong team to work with.

“I would like to thank retiring Directors David Myers, John Harris and Geri Sweet for their dedication to Equine Canada and for their years of service to the Board,” added Gallagher.

For the first time in the history of Equine Canada, the board has a majority of women, either elected by the membership or representing a division of the federation.

The new Board took office at the Annual General Meeting and will govern Equine Canada until the next AGM to be held February 2014.