Equine Canada has announced that there have been 14 applications received from highly qualified individuals interested in fulfilling the role of Dressage Technical Advisor/Chef d’Équipe.

All applications will be put forward for consideration and evaluation by a five member hiring panel. Preliminary interviews are being scheduled for early August. Following those initial interviews a short list of candidates will be identified for a second interview. Feedback from the athletes on the short list of candidates will be considered before the hiring panel makes their final selection.

The five member hiring panel consists of Sarah Bradley, Dressage Canada Chair; Jacqueline Brooks, Athlete Representative; Michael Horgan, Chair of Finance and Fundraising Committee as well as a member of the High Performance Committee and Dressage Canada Committee; Equine Canada CEO, Jean-Christophe Gandubert and Christine Peters, EC Manager Dressage.

“The number and quality of applicants is very encouraging and shows how much Dressage Canada’s high performance summit has contributed to re-energize and refocus its key partners and stakeholders”, commented EC CEO Jean-Christophe Gandubert. “The involvement of several leaders within Dressage, including the riders, has been critical and with the hiring of a new Technical Advisor/Chef d’Équipe, the opportunity for change and our commitment towards excellence is really starting to become a reality.”

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