Daniel Coyle ran away with first and second place at the CSI3* Grand Prix presented by the Gouvernement du Québec at the International Bromont held at the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park.

Michel Vaillancourt, the course designer for this second week of competitions at International Bromont, prepared a difficult course for the final Grand Prix of the 44th edition of the competition. The technical difficulties, the short approach at an angle to the second obstacle, the combination on a straight line towards the ingate followed by a tight turn going to the sixth effort as well as obstacle 11 preceded by a broken line and followed by a short 90-degree turn, were the most trouble for the participants.

Young twenty-three-year-old rider Stevie Murphy (CAN) was the first to execute a clear round with her mount, Eba b RK in the first round. She was soon joined by Christine McCrea (USA) and Jarcobond Van Den Oude Eik, Julia Madigan (CAN) and Dee Jee, Kevin Babington (IRL) and both his mounts Super Chilled and Shorapur, Jill Henselwood (CAN) and Eblesse as well as Coyle (IRL) with Cita and Farrel.

First to come back for the second round, Stevie Murphy executed a perfect round with Ebab RK for second, in a time 45.25 seconds. Coyle and Cita, fourth to come back on the course executed the best time of37.12 seconds with a clear round, nobody would be able to dethrone the pair. Coyle then had the second-best time with Farrel, thus allowing him to leave with 53% of the prize money for the Grand Prix, presented by the Quebec Government.

CSI3* Grand Prix presented by Gouvernement du Québec
1. Daniel Coyle (IRL) / Cita 0-0, 37.12
2. Daniel Coyle (IRL) / Farrel 0-0, 40.30
3. Jill Henselwood (CAN) / Eblesse 0-0, 44.61
4. Stevie Murphy (CAN) / Ebab RK 0-0, 45.25
5. Kevin Babington (IRL) / Shorapur 0-4, 38.52
6. Kevin Babington (IRL) / Super Chilled 0-4, 40.37
7. Julia Madigan (CAN) / Dee Jee 0-10, 57.08
8. Christine McCrea (USA) / Jarcobond Van Den Oude Eik 0-DNF
9. Lindsay Douglass (USA) / Butterfly Tibri Z 1, 83.58
10. Keean White (CAN) / Corette 4, 77.31