It’s been almost two years since Dani G. Waldman decided to stop riding professionally. Many wondered if that was the last they would see of the American-Israeli show jumper in the horse world, and if she was ever going to make a comeback.

“It’s been a process, and these past two years have been filled with many trials and errors,” Waldman admits. After over 20 years of competitive show jumping, she had no idea what was next for her and needed to find her new passion.

“I looked into working outside of the industry,“ she reveals. “But one thing was clear to me in the end ‒ I realized that even though I didn’t want to compete anymore, I hadn’t lost my deep love and connection to the equestrian world … and that whatever I decided to do, would still be horse-related.”

During the years she was in the show jumping arena, she tried to bring more exposure and growth to the sport, which she successfully did inside and outside of the ring. Some people thought her ways were not ‘traditional’, but Waldman saw that as a compliment. “It was always important to me to try and grow the sport.”

After leaving the competitive arena, she continued looking for ways to help develop the sport and came up with the idea of a new web show: Horse Bytes.

“Even as a professional, I find it hard to track what is going on with no comprehensive source of information,” says Waldman as she explains her initial thought that brought her to establish Horse Bytes.

Horse Bytes is not ‘just’ another horse program, as Dani aims to make it a joint space for the global show jumping community.

The weekly show, which airs Tuesdays at 6:00 pm CET (noon EST), aims to reach both athletes and sports enthusiasts and enrich them by bringing knowledge, statistics, information, and highlights “where they can all engage on topics to better understand and enjoy the sports.”

Episodes are approximately 10 minutes long and include:

  • The Previous Week’s Highlights
  • Top Sport Analytics
  • Statistics
  • Industry Insights
  • Current Affairs
  • Equestrian Lifestyle

“It’s our goal to grow Horse Bytes into the largest global platform for equestrian sports analysis and insight. It’s our mission to give the equestrian sport a global platform to grow and expand its audience and create engagement for the community,” explains Waldman.

Following Horse Bytes’ first broadcast on January 9, Waldman said, “It was an exhilarating start … we were working up ’till the last minute to ensure the best possible launch and the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive so far! I’m super proud of the work my entire team has put into this and we believe the future is bright for HorseBytes!”

Visit the Horse Bytes YouTube page here and watch the first episode here:



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