Ontario Equestrian is committed to the development of youth in equestrian sport. Annually we award five – $1,000 bursaries to members between the ages of 14-17. The selection process is based on the individuals involvement with horses, their future goals, as well as letters of recommendation from their coaches. Family resources and academic achievements are also considered. The bursaries are to be used towards riding lessons, clinics, competition fees, continuing education and other learning opportunities that will help them develop their skills and continue their passion for the sport.

The Youth Bursary applications are reviewed thoroughly and recipients are chosen by our incredible Youth Bursary committee – all applications are sent to the committee with personal information redacted to keep them anonymous. Although the committee members wish to remain unnamed, we thank each of them for their time, commitment and passion towards this program.

It is with great pleasure that we congratulate and announce the following 2021 Youth Bursary Recipients!


Olivia Macleod
City: Georgetown, ON
Discipline: Eventing
Coach: Holly Jacks-Smither

Description: Olivia is a passionate and dedicated eventer and pony clubber​, having achieved her full C level in 2020. Currently training with Holly Jacks-Smither, her 2021 goals are to invest in lessons to better prepare her and her lovely mare “Watch me Skip Away” (a.k.a. Skip) in order to move up as a competitor in the ​OEA Training division. Olivia has her sights set on representing Ontario and Canada in the NAYRC and longer-term goals include a career in veterinary medicine.


Anna Marie Dyck
City: Odessa, ON
Discipline: Hunter
Coach: Candace Gomes

Description: Anna is a compassionate horsewoman having already experienced many of the heartbreaks that come with equine ownership. She hasn’t let this slow her down though. Anna continues to set realistic and achievable goals and in 2021 is looking to challenge her EC Rider Level’s 4-6 and take additional clinics and courses to further her equine practical knowledge. Her coach, Candace Gomes, comments that Anna’s strength and courage are an inspiration to herself and her fellow barn mates.


Cadence Maisonneuve
City: Midhurst, ON
Discipline: Eventing
Coach: Lindsay Beer-Drury

Description: Described as “extremely hard-working and dedicated to her riding” by her coach (Lindsay Beer), Cadence is determined to invest in herself and attain her EC RL’s and NCCP Instructor certification. After trying every other sport, Cadence at the age of 7 had her first riding lesson and has been hooked ever since. Now a working student, she is spending all her non-academic time investing in her pursuit of excellence through hard work, volunteerism and long hours at the barn.


Willow Newman
City: Bracebridge, ON
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Coach: Erin Amos

Description: With devastating results from day 1 of her first Silver Series competition on her ‘one-eyed wonder’ (Jackson), and with the help of Amy Noonan, Willow persevered, dug deep, applied the lessons learned from day 1 and earned Reserve Champion of her division on day 2. Willow demonstrates good financial management with her abilities to raise and earn funds to support her equine related costs. Now in a structured training program, Willow is aiming to make it to the Trillium Championships with her new partner Abbey, whom she leases.


Cassandra Zemlo
City: North York, ON
Discipline: Hunter/Jumper
Coach: Jessica Glassford

Description: For Cassandra, one of the most important things as a rider is her relationship with her horse and the trust they share. Her part-board, Laurel, has helped Cassandra overcome confidence issues and has given her some challenges that she recognizes make her a better rider and horsewoman. Having achieved her EC Rider Level 4, Cassandra recognizes that she is fortunate to have had the opportunities in front of her and as such, she loves to “pay-it-forward” by mentoring and cheering on the younger riders. Delivering papers since 11 yrs. of age, Cassandra is adept at budgeting her finances and will be using the OE bursary towards her part-board fees and participating in some sanctioned shows to gain valuable life and competition experiences that would otherwise be out of reach.