The “Canada One” tournament is under way at Spruce Meadows.  Competition has been fierce in the Meadows on the Green ring over the course of the first two days.  Leslie Howard and her Dutch warmblood gelding, Utah, were the best out of 4 double clears in the 11 to move forward to the jump off in the Great West Life Cup on Wednesday evening.

Thursday saw fabulous weather and competition in the Cargill Cup.  The field of 62 were challenged by the speed course designed by Michel Vaillancourt, (CAN) Olympic silver medalist from the Montreal Olympics.  Rich Fellers and McGuinness of Oregon, USA, were the pair that beat the time and the course and raised the Cargill Cup.

Michael Whitaker and his 9 year old Dutch warmblood gelding, Viking, were the winners of the RSA Cup. Vaillancourt, CAN, got a good feel for the calibre of the competition in the Meadows on the Green Ring this afternoon in the RSA Cup and will have some challenges in store as he builds towards the weekend and the featured events, the $50,000 RBC financial Cup on Saturday afternoon and the $65,000 Esso Challenge World Cup Sunday.
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Cargill Cup – Top 10
1. Rich Fellers, USA, McGuinness
2. Richard Spooner, USA, Quirino 3
3. Ellen Whitaker, GBR, Arena UK Lando
4. Richard Spooner, USA, Pariska 2
5. Ellen Whitaker, GBR , Equimax Ocolado
6. Paulo Santana, BRA, Vasco
7. Sarah Ballou, USA , Absie
8. Mark Samuel, CAN, Wembley 234
9. Sarah Johnstone, CAN, Leonidas
10. Mark Armstrong, GBR, Prince Z

RSA Cup – Top 10
1. Michael Whitaker, GBR, Viking
2. McLain Ward, USA, Rothchild
3. Daniel Bluman, COL, Fatalis Fatum
4. Mario Deslauriers, USA, Vicomte D
5. Carla Diewert, CAN, Vaquero
6. Kirsten Coe, USA, Kilkenny Randall Z
7. Guy Thomas, NZL, Queen Charlotte B
8. Mark Watring, PUR, Green Sleeps Vioco
9. Shane Sweetnam, IRL, Little Emir
10. Ian Millar, CAN, Dryden