This just in re: Eric vs. EC

Published moments ago on the Globe and Mail’s website is th

By: Straight-Up

Published moments ago on the Globe and Mail’s website is this article by the intrepid and extremely horse sport-friendly reporter Beverley Smith, in which she quotes Akaash (you remember, that well-spoken fellow who used to be the Fearless Leader of EC and who knows Mike Gallagher all too well) weighing in with his reaction to yesterday’s “Thank you FEI” statement from Mikey G that sneaked out of EC’s finely  tuned publicity machine like a secret fart.

I’d also like to share something else with those of you who have been following this sorry tale of the Federation That Failed: a COC statement regarding a Canadian boxer who lost a protest yesterday here in London. Click here to see how some sporting bodies in Canada manage to find a way to get behind their athletes at a moment of injustice, instead of throwing them under a double decker bus.

Quick bit of news on Eric and Ian so far today: Eric’s day is over. Derly had three rails, which puts him well out of the top 20. Ian is one of a clump of riders who had a single rail over yet another course that I walked and concluded was unjumpable – only to watch five jump clear inside the time and four more to pick up just a time fualt. I don’t have a photo of number 4 where Star Power had his unlucky rail, but here is one of the next fence, which gave a few horses pause before they left the ground:

And here’s another one of the Medieval Times fence that impressed me not only with its full metal jousters but with the fact that the cups are at the very top of the standard:

And one more of me standing ‘under’ the last fence – one of three 1.60 m fences on the course:

Oh, and here’s a shot of the cover of today’s Daily Express, one of two British tabloids that ran photos of the Dutch dressage team on their front page coverage of yesterday’s British gold medal successes:

And finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for, a pictorial revelation of the flavour of crisps I chose to devour today:

Make sure you get to a TV to watch the live show jumping – CTV? OLN? I don’t know but I imagine you do. If you are at work, get appendicitis, get the flu, just get thee out of there and to a TV. We have been told that Nancy Wetmore is commenting extensively on Tiffany-Gate.