Virtual Farm Tours in Kentucky

Missing the farm and the horses? The Kentucky-based organization Horse Country offers some social distancing-friendly experiences – live tours on their social media channels, new videos and virtual experiences. The Kentucky horse farm tours include Claiborne, Spendthrift and Godolphin, plus you can meet the equine residents at retirement facilities Old Friends and Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation and even go on a virtual tour of the Kentucky Derby Museum. Get started here.

The World of Online Competitions

With the entire world unable to attend real-life competitions due to COVID-19, Online Horse Showing is designed to bring the competition to you. Simple to enter – just upload your photos in fun classes such as Best Condition/Turnout, Best Veteran, Enchanting Eyes, Charming Chestnuts; entries cost £3 per class, rosettes are awarded 1st to 8th places and first-place winners will receive a prize/voucher (overseas entrants will need to cover air mail costs.) Worldwide competitors are welcome to enter. Check out the scheduled classes and enter here.

At Better Dressage Scores you ride your dressage test of choice and submit a video, then wait for your results and ribbons to come in! According to the website they are “not asking for professional level videography,” they just want you to have someone film your ride from “C” with some zoom if possible. Check it out here.


Cook Up a Storm

Everyone is in the kitchen brushing up on their cooking skills right now, so why not try baking some yummy horse treats to drop off at the barn or freeze for later? Here is a super-easy recipe from Little House Living.

While you’re at it, cook up something to show your appreciation for the barn owner and staff who are working hard looking after your horse right now. This banana bread recipe comes highly recommended (better make two – they smell so good the first one might not make it out of the house!)


Kick Back with a Good Article

For some awesome reading material, check out a few articles from’s extensive library featuring training articles, profiles, health and nutrition advice – and more!

We suggest:

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Hang in there …