Now that you can finally get to your own horse and get back to riding and training, you may need a refresher course on up-to-date equestrian style now that you have shed the jammie pants and sweatshirts. Rest assured we’ve got you covered with these beautifully curated Instagram accounts created by horsewomen for horsewomen (although a horseman might enjoy scrolling through them, too.) These stylish equestrians are sure to have you upping your game!


Florida-based trainer Bethany Lee mixes traditional show ring pics with fashion selfies and candid images around her farm and in her home. She is the host of @equestrianpodcast featuring weekly interviews with top riders and other industry types from grand prix jumpers to nutritionists to entrepreneurs to marketing and tack repair experts. Followers: 28.9K


This site has some serious eye candy with its lush photography and mix of equestrian style, fashion and portraiture. The brainchild of Andrea Benavides Wise and her horse, Chloe, to be a “fresh take” on the horsey lifestyle, her posts and website also reviews products and clothing. And yes, Chloe does the reviews from the horse’s perspective. We’re charmed. Followers: 13.4K


After twelve seasons of playing the girl next door on the mega hit The Big Bang Theory, fans know that Cuoco has some serious riding chops. In addition to her show jumping obsession, she’s also a passionate animal welfare champion, a dog and bunny lover and a vegan. We can’t get enough of her Insta-stories “Cup of Cuoco” as well as the fun posts with her husband, grand prix show jumper Karl Cook. Followers: 6M





Wellington rider, new mom and lifestyle blogger Ashley C. Cagle is the brains behind this gorgeously curated equestrian account, chock full of style, art, lifestyle images and yes, horses! Cagle uses images from old fashion magazine layouts, photos of products and art she’s found ‒ you name it, she’s put a stylish spin on it. Followers: 23.8K




While we’ve all posted images from the point of view of our saddles, with our mount’s ears pointed towards a green field, a beach, a mountain or a schooling ring, this account elevates the premise to an artform. Curated by Kristine Dahms, a horse woman and graphic designer who began with a #lifebetweentheears, which quickly went viral and led to the creation of a line of equestrian notecards and other gift items. Tag your own photos from the saddle and Dahms might feature your shot. Followers: 37.2K


No list of equestrian style influencers is complete without a shopping and retail account, and this one curated by Sarah Ryan, has a simple philosophy: riding is more than a sport – it’s a lifestyle. With fun posts such as “Keep Your Greys Clean: 10 Products Every Grey Owner Needs to Have,” her Instagram account mixes her personal riding life with product images that make you want to shop, without ever doing a hard sell. Followers: 142K


And if you or your loved ones are of the western persuasion (or just want to see how the other side lives), mosey on by horsesandheels, the creation of horsey girl Raquel Lynn, a Los Angeles-based rider who keeps her “pony” in her back yard. Her paint horse is very photogenic, as is Lynn, and followers will delight in her upbeat posts, including pony tricks and western trail riding images of the rugged California landscape. Followers: 20.8K