Today’s electric fencing options are durable, attractive and effective, whether used alone or as a means to keep horses from damaging your expensive wooden posts and rails. Built from durable high-tech materials, convenient and affordable, this is not your grandpa’s hot-wire.

Ferris Fencing

Electric fence used in conjunction with other permanent fencing such as polymer strands and rails give additional safety to your horse, protects the fence and makes an eye-pleasing asset to your real estate. Coloured fencing (dark brown, black and green) is becoming more popular; it not only suits some properties better than white, but is forgiving by not showing dirt and stains from trees, especially in a damper climate.

A wide variety of electric fence options are offered, from the thinner 2.5mm polystrands up to 9mm polyropes and tapes from 1/2” wide up to the 4” TapeRail. HotCote is an all-in-one coated polymer electric fence that creates a permanent, strong barrier even if the power goes down.

Use electric rope or tape to cross-fence your pastures for rotation, make a temporary paddock at the show, contain your horses on packing trips, or even to keep pets and animal pests out of the garden.

Accessories include:

• battery-operated fence controllers effective from 1 to 220 miles of fencing.

• insulators for electric tape and rope for wood post, round posts, metal posts, pipe panels, etc.

• cut-out switches to turn the fence on and off at various points

• fence alerts to warn of fence failure

• fence testers and analyzers for installation and trouble-shooting

• Electric Bungy Crossing for the gate means never dropping the connector in the mud again!

(Note that all electric fencing can be powered with a wide variety of solar chargers, which are effective at reducing electricity costs, and are convenient for remote paddocks a long way from a power source.)

Centaur Fencing

Hot Rail® Electric HTP® 5” Rail is an innovative fencing product that combines the Centaur® HTP® technology with electric fencing properties, eliminating the need for a separate hot wire and significantly reducing installation time. The molded high-tensile polymer bracket with steel reinforced bar is virtually indestructible and allows the rail to move through the brackets, dispersing impact. Stability bars prevent buckling due to upward or downward pressure on the rail, extending rail life. Hot Rail® combines the pliability of polymer with the strength of high-tensile, creating a rail that is safer, stronger and more flexible, and withstands impact without risking injury to your horse.

White Lightning® is electric fencing that combines 12.5 gauge galvanized high-tensile wire for strength and carbon co-polymers for safety and conductivity. Similar to ordinary high-tensile electric fence wire, yet superior in quality and safety due to its horse-friendly co-polymer coating. Used as a deterrent to keep unwanted pests out and your horses in, White Lightning® withstands impact while minimizing cutting injuries to your horse with its coated design.

System Fence

Performance Braided Horse Rope – This electric fencing is great as a stand-off on existing fence or a permanent fence. Designed for longevity, easy to install, with high visibility and a 1,600 lb. break strength. Available in black or white. Also available in Reflective Electric Braid and unique Glow-in-the-Dark Electric Braided Rope, which holds a glow for up to five hours. Great for recreation areas.

System’s Pro-Tek Electric Rope Fence is a strong, durable 7mm rope fencing that can be used as a permanent fence system or as an offset on existing fences. 1.5”-4” Electric Tape Fencing is highly visible and can be mounted on any post type.

Accessories include Electric Fence Chargers from 1-9 joules; also grounding kits and under-gate cables to eliminate inconvenient manual hookups at gates.


The Bi-Polar Electric Fencing tape system provides an effective mental, physical and visual barrier that the horse respects. On the Bi-Polar tape the (+) charge and the (-) charge are on the same ribbon; no need for a ground rod.

Successful and durable even in extreme weather conditions, Bi-Polar electric fencing can be installed with existing fencing, as permanent or temporary fencing. The combination of wires interwoven into the top and bottom bumpers at the tape edges provides protection from cutting and stretching, increasing strength, effectiveness and protecting against wear. The thickness of the metal and polyethylene filaments in the open weave design creates a very sturdy tape that can stand up to strong winds.

Use the Handy HorseGuard online satellite measurer: Measure your fence perimeter on the map on their website and get an instant quotation.

Highland Fence

Electro-braid fencing – fiber and copper woven together can be used by itself for a fencing option or added to a second type of fence for added peace of mind. Installed on plastic insulators mounted flush, two or five inches from the post. Colour options include black, white, or black/white speckled.

McGuire Fencing

This family-owned business in central Ontario specializes in fencing for equestrian applications, including electric high tensile.