(Left) Dotti and her owner, Adult hunter rider Andrea Sandman, were happy to strike a pose at the show. The pooch is used to it – she has her own Instagram page!
(Right) A successful American competitor, Becky Gochman, who along with her two daughters are well-known at WEF, showed off her two dogs just before her A/O class. Fudge is the mature one on the right; Becky has had him for years. Flip, named for his cute ear positions, was just adopted a few days ago. He is assured of a good home with the Gochmans!


(Left) “Are you lookin’ at me?! Don’t even think of stealing this golf cart!”
(Right) Larry was staying warm and fashionable in his camo sweats at WEF ringside. His owner, Lacey Gilbertson, a High Amateur Jumper rider formerly from Chicago, is happy to be now residing in warm Wellington. It is highly probable Larry feels the same.


(Left) This is Biggy, a 5-month-old Pomeranian puppy owned by Peri, an Adult Amateur hunter rider. There is even a Canadian connection, as Peri rides Q-pid, a formerly Canadian-owned horse.
(Right) Aster is a an ambassador service dog in training with Lindsay Brock. She is 6 months old and she and Lindsay are part of Canine Support Teams Inc out of California .These dogs are specifically trained for wheelchair-bound people and veterans. Another dog, Samantha, is presently in training in California and will be going to Kevin Babington in the next few months.


This handsome pooch is Crayon and his owner is well known hunter/jumper rider Brianne Goutal-Marteau. He is patiently waiting at the Rost arena for his owner to finish her Performance Hunter 3’3” trips.


(Left) Jimmy, hanging out in Hunter Land.
(Right) Totally enjoying a snooze on a warm Wednesday at WEF … that cushy footing is not just for people’s feet!


Yawn…. This little dog was so patient waiting for his jumper rider to return during the class at the Stadium Derby field. So well behaved! “When is she coming back? I’m so bored!”

(Chris Carroll photos)


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