Years of training and studying the human body’s performance and recovery helped Shelley Huber-Nyuli and Calvin Nyuli become decorated professional bodybuilders. Shelley was the Female Canadian Champion Bodybuilder in 1984 while Calvin won the male title in 1983, 1984, and 1985 and placed 3rd in Mr. Universe in 1986.

Following their retirement, Calvin attended the University of BC to further his knowledge of mammal biology and graduated with a B.Sc. in nutritional biochemistry. The two then moved near a racetrack where Calvin noticed horses’ discomfort during and after the races. He started asking people in the industry questions and discovered that his particular skill-set could help.

Shelley, who had grown up with horses and dogs, was excited about this discovery and the two became determined to improve the lives and performance of horses with a nutritional supplement. Calvin started working on recipes which was the beginning of SciencePure Nutraceuticals Inc.

The pair ultimately developed PureForm Equine to enhance the food horses ate by helping them to absorb more of the nutrients. The pair focused on quality and purity with no fillers, flavours, sugar, or additives. Nothing unnecessary, only the essentials including ingredients to support joints and ligament stability through growth and adult years, so they would be more comfortable as seniors.

The couple made a plan to educate horse and pet owners and encourage them to be proactive about their animals’ nutrition and overall health. “To this day, the most important goal for SciencePure is to educate owners on how to easily balance the horse’s nutrition to save the horse from metabolic problems, low hay belly, dropped topline, long winter coat, or thin souls and hooves,” says the couple.

Now headquartered in Chilliwack, BC, the company produces products for horses, dogs, cats, and humans. While a few of the purpose of PureForm supplements may be simple, the science behind SciencePure equine supplements and products is complex. The unique scientifically-tested formulas created over the past 23 years have led to countless success stories about their benefits to horses’ performance and longevity, and pets’ enhanced quality of life and vitality. Something the Nyuli’s have lived on a personal and professional level, with the breeding, racing and jumping stock of over 60 horses in 20 years.

On the companion pet side of the business, PureForm was also the first in their industry to introduce biodegradable canisters and compostable shipping materials. This step towards environmental responsibility and sustainability solutions was led by the founders’ daughter, Lindsay Nyuli-Saggu, who stepped into her role as VP of marketing and brand development in 2017, with a Pet Nutritional Coach Certificate from North American Veterinary Community (NAVC).

Besides the family aspect and long history of developing scientifically-based products to better the lives of horses, pets, and humans, SciencePure Nutraceuticals gives back by sponsoring a number of top athletes in various disciplines, including show jumping, eventing, barrel racing, endurance, roping, reining and more.

Shelley states, “We are proud to be a Canadian company, and to support and council our great Canadian riders and their animals competing in national and international arenas in search of world championship titles.”

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