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Are White Hooves Weaker Than Black Hooves in Horses?

While there are some people who believe that white hooves are weaker than black hooves in horses, science has long been telling us otherwise.


The Latest Views on Navicular Syndrome in Horses

Researchers continue to look for effective treatments for navicular syndrome, a common, yet complex degenerative condition in horses.


Check Out What’s New in Equine Performance Hoofwear

Footwear for horses has not changed that much over the centuries. The industry is undergoing a shake-up, however, with new options on the market.


Nutrition for Healthy Hooves

Understanding hoof nutrition from amino acids to zinc, plus a collection of products to keep your horse’s feet comfortable and looking great.

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Treating Hoof Puncture Wounds

Expert advice on what to do and what not to do if you discover a puncture wound in your horse’s hoof, to prevent further damage and ensure proper healing.

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Cushioning the Blow

There is now a wide variety of pad types and packing materials from which to choose, depending on the needs of each particular horse.

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Foot Perfect

Nearly 80 percent of all lameness issues stem from problems in the hoof. Horse Sport looks at what's going on inside and outside the hoof, what can go wrong, and how to fix it.


Clogs for Horses

The clog is a horseshoe that’s not like any shoe you’ve seen before. It’s actually hard to describe it as anything other than “funky.”


Extreme Makeovers – Hoof Edition: Saving Sadie’s Hooves

There is a great sense of terror only farriers know: what started out as a perfectly good hoof shape suddenly gets away from you and you can't get it back.

By: Hans Wiza

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging and Hoof Care

It is important that before advanced diagnostic imaging is done, previous examinations should have narrowed the source of the problem to a specific area.