Effective January 1st, 2023, Canada will adopt the new 2023 USDF dressage tests which go into effect December 1st, 2023 in the States. These are new national tests and can be found on the USDF website and soon on the Equestrian Canada website.

Intro Levels A, B and C

No changes to the test patterns. The only addition to test C is both 20m circles in trot are now rising trot.

Training Level

Minor changes:

Test 1 – the transition from trot to walk is now between letters.

Test 2 – no changes.

Test 3 – is quite different with the return of the trot loop in both directions rather than the three-loop serpentine and canter across the diagonal and trot at X. Remember that the trot loop and the walk loop are ridden slightly differently; the trot loop should look bending and curvy where the walk loop should walk straight to X and turn back to the corner letter.

First Level

Minor changes with a complete rework of test 3:

Test 1 – trot work is the same with the elimination of canter lengthening and 15m canter circles are at E/B.

Test 2 – no change to the pattern with the exception of the turn down centre line at trot prior to the leg yields. Changed from 1/2-10m circle at corner letter to A turn down centre line.

Test 3 – is quite a bit different but contains all the same elements. The angle and line of the leg yield to 10m circle on centreline remains the same, but the order of the movements is new, showing the trot leg yield and canter all in one direction with the walk in between and then the other leg yield and canter pattern. This breaks up the canter nicely, but will be a much busier test than before.

Second Level

Tests 1 and 2 have been shortened slightly, while test 3 remains the same.

Test 1 – the pattern is the same with a slightly different ending resulting in a shorter test.

Test 2 – has a new trot pattern consisting of shoulder-in to half-10m circle to half-10m circle to shoulder-in and repeating with the travers, which will ride very smoothly. The canter pattern is the same as the current test 2.

Test 3 – same test pattern.

Third Level

Tests have no changes.

Fourth Level

Tests have minor changes which will result in smoother tests.

Test 1 – trot and canter contains all the same elements but in a different order. There is no longer shoulder-in on centreline or the extended walk on the 20m half-circle.

Test 2 – same trot and walk pattern. Canter elements are the same, but in a new order.

Test 3 – trot elements are the same in a new order. Extended walk is on the 20m half-circle. Canter work has been shortened and tidied up. The approach to the canter half-pirouettes is in a new location after the canter half-passes.

Get practicing, and good luck!