On Tuesday, March 13th, Wellington’s mayor, Darrell Bowen, was unseated by Bob Margolis in the Florida city’s municipal election, with 58 per cent of the vote.

The Wellington Equestrian Preservation Alliance is pleased with the results as the newly elected Mayor Margolis does not support the controversial Equestrian Village plan. “That’s the project that most of the people came out and voted against,” Margolis said. “It really was a polarizing item in the campaign. I think it should go to referendum. I understand that we get elected to represent the people, but so many people in this election voiced their opinion with the vote. I think we need to get input on it.”

Bowen faced a difficult campaign trail, with numerous attack ads directed at him. Further, reports have indicated that Margolis received the backing of billionaire Wellington resident, Jeremy Jacobs, who spent $400,000 during the campaign to raise the public’s awareness and lobby against the development.

There has been ongoing strife regarding the development of the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC), home to the Winter Equestrian Festival. Reports have indicated that plans include a mall, high-rise condos, fairgrounds and an RV park on lands meant for equestrian pursuits.

For more information, visit http://www.wellingtonalliance.com/