On September 15, 2023, the US Equestrian Federation (USEF) and Equestrian Canada (EC) renewed a reciprocal agreement outlining mutual membership and participation requirements for citizens from each country.

Remarks from US Equestrian CEO William “Bill” Moroney: “We are pleased to work together with our colleagues and fellow equestrians north of the border in Canada. This renewed reciprocal agreement allows for both organizations to receive the necessary information and training requirements for all equestrians involved in competitions, which makes for a safer and healthier environment at competitions in both countries.”

Remarks from Equestrian Canada CEO Meg Krueger: “Thank you to our colleagues at USEF for collaborating with us to find an agreement that works for our sport license holders who compete in the United States and for USEF members who compete in Canada. There is always more work to do to ensure competitors, coaches and officials can participate in competitions on both sides of the border in environments that are both safe and accessible. This is a positive step for the greater North American equestrian community.”

The terms, which extend through the end of November 2026, include new requirements for U.S. and Canadian participants, competition organizers, and licensed officials from both USEF and EC.

Beginning December 1, 2023, the following membership and participation requirements will be in effect:

USEF Members Participating in EC-Sanctioned Competitions

  • USEF Competing Members in good standing will be given a no cost EC Sport Licence for the purpose of competing in EC competitions. (EC Sport Licence holders are required to pay the appropriate levies as indicated in the EC rules and regulations, which are applicable at the time of the sanctioned competition.)
  • Pursuant to EC rules, all individuals competing in EC-sanctioned competitions must be EC Sport Licence holders in good standing of EC, and those 18 years of age and older must complete the Fostering Healthy Equestrian Environments Training and the EC Concussion Awareness training before being allowed to compete.
  • USEF members competing at international competitions sanctioned by EC are required to pay high performance fees as defined by the EC rules.
  • For information about how to obtain a no-cost EC Sport Licence, please visit/contact sportlicences@equestrian.ca

EC Sport Licence Holders Participating in USEF-Licensed Competitions

  • EC Sport Licence holders in good standing and with a Gold or Platinum Sport Licence (FEI Disciplines); Bronze or Silver (Eventing); or Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Sport Licence (non-FEI disciplines and breeds) will be given a USEF Competing Membership at no cost for the purpose of competing in USEF-licensed competitions.
  • Exception: certain qualifying classes and finals at USEF-licensed competitions that would otherwise require a membership and do not permit participation through the utilization of a Show Pass. These classes and events will require a paid USEF membership and may require a USEF Recognized Affiliate membership.
  • All USEF Competing Members who are 18 years of age or older must annually complete the SafeSport Training provided by the U.S. Center for Safe Sport before being allowed to compete.
  • EC Sport Licence Holders competing at international competitions licensed by USEF are required to pay high performance fees as defined by USEF rules.
  • For information about obtaining a USEF Competition membership, EC Sport Licence holders should contact sportlicences@equestrian.ca.

It is important to note that individuals holding dual memberships (both USEF and EC) must complete the education requirements for both National Federations.

Amateur Status

  • USEF rules for amateur status apply for all competitions licensed by USEF, and EC rules for amateur status apply for all competitions sanctioned by EC.
  • For jointly recognized competitions, the rules governing the particular classes would apply (e.g., EC rules govern EC classes, and USEF rules govern USEF classes)

Horse Recordings, Passports, Identification Numbers, Measurement Cards

  • EC Licence holders and USEF members whose horses are annually registered in their home country are not required to annually register their horses in the other country for participation in a competition.
  • However, to participate in certain programs and be eligible for certain awards, the horse may be required to be recorded and/or registered with the applicable organization in accordance with the rules governing the programs and awards.
  • Beginning December 1, 2025, all horses competing in USEF-licensed competitions in the United States must have a USEF Horse ID and be microchipped in accordance with USEF rules.
  • USEF will recognize a valid EC measurement card for all divisions, and EC will recognize a valid USEF measurement card for all divisions.

Jointly Licensed/Sanctioned Competitions

  • A competition is only eligible for joint licensing/sanctioning if it is first licensed/sanctioned by the home National Federation.
  • If a competition loses its licensed/sanctioned status from the home National Federation, then it loses its licensed/sanctioned status from the other National Federation.
  • USEF/EC jointly licensed/sanctioned competitions will be governed by the rules and regulations of the National Federation of the country in which the competition operates
  • However, competition classification/level/rating will be determined by the rules of each National Federation, and a jointly licensed/sanctions competition must abide by each National Federation’s applicable rules for the classification/level/rating. If the rules of the National Federations differ regarding the requirements or standards for conducting a competition, the more stringent rules will apply (e.g., the number of stewards or TDs required, etc.).
  • If a jointly licensed/sanctioned competition is to be held in the U.S., USEF mileage rules apply. If there is a mileage conflict, the USEF mileage exemption process will apply for USEF licensing.
  • At jointly licensed/sanctioned competitions, there must be a Steward or Technical Delegate from the relevant National Federation who will file the applicable reports with both National Federations, including any accompanying documentation required by USEF or EC. Such reports must include the full information for the entire competition.
  • For more information about jointly licensing a competition, please contact the USEF competition licensing team at dates@usef.org, and/or EC Manager of Competition Services Maria-Christina Lepore at mclepore@equestrian.ca.

Officials at USEF/EC Competitions

There will be no reciprocal licensing of officials between USEF and EC. An official desiring an EC or USEF license will be subject to the rules of the National Federation issuing the licence. However, competition organizers may apply for a Guest Card provided by the appropriate National Federation for eligible EC and USEF licensed officials. Contact the licensed officials department of the respective National Federation for more information. To contact the EC Officials department, please email officials@equestrian.ca. To contact the USEF Licensed Officials department, please email loinquiry@usef.org.