Spruce Meadows has recently been in thorough discussions with regional and federal health authorities, and both our national federation and the FEI, to examine ‒ and review ‒ any and all options currently available to allow us to organize and execute international events in 2021.

With the current Covid-19 restrictions in Canada continuing to be extremely restrictive for all trans border movement, Spruce Meadows is working with Equestrian Canada (our National Federation) and the Federal government to better understand border access and what might be expected to change in the short to medium term. We are doing so in the context that our border with the United States has effectively been closed since March 2020. It is anticipated to remain so – at a minimum- well into the spring. Our current priority and focus is to work closely with Health authorities from all levels of government to develop an extensive plan that meets all requirements and that is acceptable, safe and realistic for all participants.

It is our hope, and our commitment to you, to have an official announcement of Spruce Meadows’ plans for the 2021 season no later than March 15th.

By this point we anticipate to be able to confirm our 2021 dates as well as the status of each of our CSI and CSIO Tournaments.

We appreciate your patience and understanding while our Organizing Committee evaluates every possible model in our effort to develop the best possible schedule for Spruce Meadows ‒ and for our athletes, officials and partners ‒ during these unprecedented times.