Adequan® U.S. Para-Dressage Team rode into the new decade dominating the 2020 Adequan Global Dressage Festival CPEDI3* and CPEDI1*. This first show of the Paralympic calendar year took place January 8-11, in Wellington, Florida, at the beautiful grounds of the Global Dressage Festival. The Adequan® U.S. Para-Dressage Team, led by chef d’equipe Michel Assouline included David Botana (Portland, Maine), Grade I, and Lord Locksley, a 19-year-old Trakehner stallion owned by Margaret Stevens and Susanne Hamilton; Rebecca Hart (Loxahatchee, Fla.), Grade III, and El Corona Texel, Rowan O’Riley’s 11-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding; Kate Shoemaker (Wellington, Fla.), Grade IV, and Solitaer 40, a 13-year-old Hanoverian gelding owned by Kate Shoemaker, CraigShoemaker, and Deena Shoemaker; and Roxanne Trunnell (Wellington, Fla.), Grade I, and Dolton, an eight-year-old Hanoverian gelding owned by Flintwoode Farms LLC and Karin Flint. Equestrians rode over three days for both team and individual accolades. Champion of the CPEDI3* was USA rider Roxanne Trunnell and Dolton scoring an average of 81.871. Reserve Champion was Marie Vonderheyden and London Swing. This was the first look of the year with only seven months before the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. The 2020 Adequan Global Dressage Festival CPEDI3* and CPEDI1* was not only the place for each duo to finesse their tests in this Paralympic qualifier but it was also where riders with new horses like Beatrice DeLavalette and Ellie Brimmer were able to get into the international ring in front of top judges.

Chef d’equipe Michel Assouline was excited for the U.S. riders. He noted, “Our riders have risen above all expectations showing great dedication and competence while maintaining U.S. Para Dressage in top FEI ranking position with a team average of 75.55%, our highest to date. Roxanne Trunnell’s progression seems unstoppable and Karin Flint’s Dolton is moving into FEI world number one position on the current ranking list with record breaking U.S. scores. Also very exciting is the broadening of our athlete base getting high scores in the 70% range. We have a great team of riders, owners and support staff working in strong unity; their endeavor continues.”

President of the USPEA Hope Hand added, “The weather was challenging due to gale force winds that seem to grace us in January every year but the skies were clear and the temperature was just about perfect. The first show of the season is always exciting to see all the new combinations. It was also fun watching our WEG medalists who draw a crowd with their celebrity status setting the stage for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics. We were confident in our team to do well but still on edge since every competition going forward is an important Paralympic qualifier. Over the last year, the Elite riders ramped up their fitness and riding programs to prepare for the January early start. Hard work does pay off big time. Roxanne Trunnell stole the limelight with her personal best scores each day exceeding 80% pushing her to the top of the World Individual Ranking List. She certainly rocked it and raised the bar for the other riders. Canada and Mexico followed the lead and also performed well, earning individual first places. The 2020 race to Tokyo undoubtedly will be remembered as one of the greatest athletic contest of strength and determination.”

Para-Dressage equestrians will have a second chance to showcase their tests in Florida at the 2020 Adequan Global Dressage Festival CPEDI3* and CPEDI1* January 22-25 Wellington, FL.

Adequan Global Dressage Festival 1 CPEDI3* January 8-11, 2020

USA Team Overall: 453.325

Roxanne Trunnell and Dolton

David Botana and Lord Locksley

Rebecca Hart and El Corona Texel

Kate Shoemaker and Solitaire 40

Canada Overall 422.208

Winona Hartvikson and Onyx

Jody Schloss and Lieutenant Lobin

Jason Surnoski and Phoenix

Lee Garrod and Question


Roxanne Trunnell and Dolton 81.871

Reserve Champion

Marie Vonderheyden and London Swing 73.676

Overall Results

Grade I

1. Roxanne Trunnell and Dolton, 81.131, 81.964, 83.167, 81.871 USA

2. Marie Vonderheyden and London Swing 75.357, 70.833, 76, 73.676 USA

3. David Botana and Lord Locksley 72.381, 71.548, 73, 72.172 USA

4. Jody Schloss and Lieutenant Lobin 70, 71.072,73.056, 71.040 CAN

5. Winona Hartvikson and Onyx 72.381, 70.476, 67.445, 70.632 CAN

Grade II

1. Beatrice DeLavalette and Duna 68.283, 71.569, 73.667, 70.674 USA

2. Erika Baitenmann and Leonora 70.101, 69.892, 70.333, 70.064 MEX

3. Jason Surnoski and Phoenix 69.192, 68.186, 72, 69.351 CAN

4. Alanna Flax-Clark and El Paso 68.182, 67.892, 69.056, 68.241 USA

5. Mia Rodier-Dawallo and Deledada X 63.081, 65.637, 67.722, 65.032

Grade III

1. Rebecca Hart and Fortune 500, 70.049, 68.186, 72.664, 69.827 USA

2. Meghan Benge ad Zoey 64.363, 65.882, 68.389, 65.776 USA

3. Rebecca Hart and El Corona Texel 64.314, 66.863, 0, 52.471 USA

4. Meghan Benge and Worth the Trip 60.922, 63.627, 0, 49.820 USA

5. Lauren Barwick and Sandrino 69.5, 0, 0, 27.8 CAN

Grade IV

1. Kate Shoemaker and Solitaer 40 71.667, 74.634, 0, 58.520 USA

Grade V

1. Lee Garrod and Question 67.326, 69.087, has 1.833, 69.932 CAN