The trailer for the upcoming movie Dream Horse, starring Toni Collette (Little Miss Sunshine, Knives Out) and Damian Lewis (Billions, Homeland), has been released. The movie, which was shot on location in Wales, is scheduled for release in the US on Friday, May 1st, 2020 (the day before the Kentucky Derby).

Dream Horse tells the true story of a determined Welsh woman’s ambition to breed and raise a champion racehorse in her home village. Cleaner and barmaid Jan Vokes (Toni Collette), persuades her neighbours and friends to invest in her ambitious plan and the foal ‘Dream Alliance’ is the result. Against all odds the colt rises through the ranks and proves himself against the elite racehorses he faces on the track. But ‘Dream’ also changes the lives of everyone in the small town and is a powerful story of triumph over adversity and how an entire community is united.

Dream Horse premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24, and is modelled after director Louise Osmond’s 2015 documentary Dark Horse, which was the winner of the audience award at Sundance that year. The film’s release date is timed to be the day before the Kentucky Derby.


“This is the kind of unabashed crowd-pleaser that was made with care…” ~

“…a well-cast, artfully handled effort that exercises sufficient restraint to really earn its requisite laughter and tears.” ~ Variety

“Thanks to a well-assembled package, smoothly directed by Euros Lyn (best known for his TV work, including Doctor Who, Broadchurch and an episode of Black Mirror), and good casting all around, crowned by the reliably excellent Toni Collette as Jan, this has every chance of sprinting to victory at the box office finish line. ” ~ Hollywood Reporter

Watch the trailer: