The Equestrian Canada (EC) Nominating Committee is pleased to announce the results of the Board of Directors election and the three Directors who will be named to the Board at the Annual General Meeting.

The three candidates, elected for a 3-year term, are:

Audrey-Julie Dallaire, Verdun, QC
Gilles Levasseur, Ottawa, ON
Lisa Robertson, Regina, SK

The Nominating Committee will report on the election process and results to the Board of Directors on August 14 and the results will be presented during the 2023 EC Annual General Meeting. For further details on the election, visit here.

Audrey-Julie Dallaire and Gilles Levasseur are joining the EC Board for the first time. Lisa Robertson was an incumbent on the election ballot for 2023. They will join the following Directors to round out the 2023-2024 EC Board:

Melanie Biron – Mount Royal, QC
Dr. Wayne Burwash – Calgary, AB
John Gallinger – Richmond Hill, ON
Kelly Gravelle – Bethany, ON
Jennifer Hodgson – Hudson, QC
Chris Lowe – Vancouver, BC

During the call for candidates, a total of nine (9) qualified applications were received by the close of the nomination period on May 1, 2023. Following an in-depth review of all candidates, the EC Nominating Committee put forward five (5) candidates to the ballot.

The EC Voting Members cast their ballots between July 17 and July 21, 2023. There were three (3) Director positions to be filled for 2023.

For more information on the EC Board of Directors, visit HERE.

About the EC Nominating Committee

The EC Nominating Committee members are as follows:

  • Dr. Wayne Burwash (EC Director and Chair) – Calgary, AB
  • Kelly Gravelle (EC Director and Observer) – Bethany, ON
  • Jill Barton – Odessa, ON
  • Dominique Chagnon – Calixa Lavallee, QC
  • Iris Davies – Dewberry, AB
  • Tegwyn Harper – Black Creek, BC
  • Laurie Haughton – Rockland, ON
  • Anne Welch – Aurora, ON

The Committee members are responsible for:

  • Presenting a slate of candidates for the position of EC Board Directors in accordance with EC’s Bylaws.
  • Ensuring there is an election each year.
  • Ensuring EC has a rigorous nomination system.
  • Recruiting qualified individuals as Directors.