It was a banner weekend for Tara Metzner and Nick Haness in the California Professional Horsemen’s Association (CPHA) West Coast Green Hunter Incentive Championships. Riding Davlyn Farms’ Next Monday, Metzner captured the inaugural $10,000 3’6” & 3’9” Incentive Championship. In the sixth annual $15,000 3’0” & 3’3” Championship, Nick Haness and West Coast Equine Partners LLC’s Fan Club topped the field.

Tara Metzner Rides Next Monday into the Winner’s Circle

Of six entries in the 3’6” & 3’9” section, it was the eight-year-old mare, Next Monday, ridden by Tara Metzner and owned by Davlyn Farms, who led the victory gallop earning consistent scores of 82 in Round 1 and 87 in Round 2 for an overall average of 84.5. Coming in second by a narrow margin was West Coast Equine Partners LLC’s Reese’s with Nick Haness aboard who scored 86 in Round 1 and 82 in Round 2 for an 84 average. Gabriella Pattinson rode Exquisite RW, owned by Amy Eynon to a third-place finish, with an average of 78 points.

Metzner expressed gratitude for CPHA’s Green Hunter Incentive Program, “I think the program is great to help build the green hunter divisions here on the west coast. It’s really special for those owners who support riders with young horses to have a year-end goal that isn’t necessarily going to indoors. I hope the entries continue to grow in the future.”

Next Monday, “Rosie,” has been Metzner’s partner for the past few years, “She was imported as a four-year-old by Eric Lamaze, and we bought her in Florida as a five-year-old. We have done some national derbies with her so far and the goal will be to step up into the international derbies in 2021.”

The 3’6” & 3’9” section of the CPHA Green Hunter Incentive Final was held on Thursday in Hunter 1. Reflecting on her rounds, Metzner noted, “Classes like this should be as special as possible and I am grateful that CPHA and Blenheim make the effort and find time to hold these types of finals. They continue to ask the riders and owners for our input as to how to make things better so our sport can grow, and I really appreciate that.”

Watch their second round here:

Nick Haness Has a Fan Club

Welcoming sixteen entries on the grass Pacific Field, Haness, aboard Fan Club, impressed judges Bill Ellis and Andrea Wells to earn an 87 in Round 1 and 88 in Round 2 for an 87.5 average and the top call. Lexie Looker’s Dot Com and Katie Taylor earned top scores to finish in the reserve championship position, scoring 86 in each round. John Bragg earned the yellow ribbon with Bridgeport Farms’ entry, Macarthur with scores of 84 and 85.

The CPHA Incentive Finals had been one of Haness’ goals with Fan Club and his mount in the 3’6” & 3’9” section, Reese’s. “I love the CPHA Incentive program. I think it’s wonderful that our west coast has a program like this for our young hunters. The final is a great experience and special ambiance for our west coast green horses.”

The 3’0” and 3’3” section had the pleasure of competing on the expansive Pacific Field, with the green hunters galloping across the grass. Haness enjoyed the opportunity, “The courses were very fun. Of course, the grass is a beautiful setting and I loved the ability to let the horses canter forward and hunt around the bigger sized arena. It was inviting for the youngsters and allowed the horses to showcase their jumping ability.”

These green hunters definitely have a bright future ahead of them. Fan Club’s plan for the 2021 season is to compete in the 3’6” green and incentive classes, including the incentive finals. Haness has been the mare’s teammate since her very first horse show, “It’s been a lot of fun developing her and letting her become the champion she is. Kent Farrington found her and approached me to work together with her. When I saw her, I fell in love. She is the kindest mare in the barn, loves attention, and has been one of my most consistently successful horses. I’m thankful to Gail Ellis & West Coast Equine Partners for being a great owner and letting her campaign her way up the ranks.”

CPHA West Coast Green Hunter Incentive Program offers an opportunity for green hunters to win prize money year-round in Incentive Stake classes and participate in the fall season Championships. In addition to the Finals prize money, ribbon winners also earned hats, saddle pads, and coolers, courtesy of DaMoor’s Tack & Feed. The top 4 also rode away with Mary’s Tack & Feed Gift Certificates.

CPHA West Coast Green Hunter 3’ & 3’3” Incentive Championship

Place – Entry Number – Horse – Rider – Owner – Rd 1/Rd 2 = Average
855 – Next Monday – Tara Metzner – Davlyn Farms – 82/87 = 84.5
567 – Reese’s – Nick Haness – West Coast Equine Partners, LLC – 86/82 = 84
743 – Exquisite RW – Gabriella Pattinson – Amy Eynon – 72/84 = 78
601 – Philadelphia Story – Leslie Steele – Balmoral – 68/78 = 73
723 – Cavito 2 – Alec Lawler – Emma Borders – 70/70 = 70
252 – Magic – Jenny Karazissis – Heidi Kane – 32/80 = 56

CPHA West Coast Green Hunter 3’ & 3’3” Incentive Championship

Place – Entry Number – Horse – Rider – Owner – Rd 1/Rd 2 = Average
565 – Fan Club – Nick Haness – West Coast Equine Partners LLC – 87/88 = 87.5
273 – Dot Com – Katie Taylor – Lexie Looker – 86/86 = 86
400 – MacArthur – John Bragg – Bridgeport Farms – 84/85 = 84.5
624 – Serengeti – Peter Lombardo – Janie Andrew – 85/82 = 83.5
566 – Game Day – Nick Haness – West Coast Equine Partners LLC – 82/83 = 82.5
221 – Picnic – Jenny Karazissis – JKLM Partners – 80/82 = 81
468 – Cartier Du Rouet – Jenny Karazissis – Heidi Kane – 78/80 = 79
613 – Calida – Krystalle Glosser – Julia Koetting – 75/77 = 76
623 – Monaco – John Zambrano – Glenda Monkarsch – = 73/76 = 74.5
284 – Wilten’s Bubblegum – Katie Taylor – Lexie Looker – 70/78 = 74
622 – Graduate – Peter Lombardo – Ann Adams – 73/45 = 59
669 – Lift Off – Daphne Foran – Mandy Hosford – 43/68 = 55.5