A record Friday crowd of 59,765 was treated to top championship sport in the Mercedes-Benz Evening of the Horse, Friday at Spruce Meadows.
In the $100,000 Encana Cup, Lauren Hough of the United States scored her first victory with her 9 year old mare Blue Angel in a 3 horse jump-off featuring Kamal Bahamdan (KSA) and Canadian Team rookie Tiffany Foster. The Leopoldo Palacios (VEN) designed course took its toll on the 25 starters, with just three advancing to the jump-off.

In the evening’s finale, 12 horse/rider combinations took to the International Ring for the high altitude excitement of the ATCO Electric 6 Bar. Through 4 rounds of competition just three remained in contention as Leopoldo Palacios raised the final vertical of the 4 remaining on course to 2.05 meters.
Only Time Stockdale (GBR) riding his 9 year old gelding Fresh Direct K2 was able to conquer the final line of four vertical fences to claim the victory in front of an incredibly appreciative crowd. Seventeen year old Ben Asselin (CAN) delighted the crowd with an impressive second place finish. 

Action at the Spruce Meadows “Masters” continues tomorrow with the Suncor Energy Cup and the ten nation BMO Nations’ Cup.

For a complete tournament schedule visit the Spruce Meadows website at http://www.sprucemeadows.com/

Encana Cup – Top 10
1-Lauren Hough                       USA               Blue Angel
2-Kamal Bahamdan                 KSA                Delphi
3-Tiffany Foster                       CAN               Victor
4-Niels Bruynseels                   BEL                Conisha Van De Helle
5-Gert Jan Bruynseels            NED                MCB Ulke
6-Kent Farrington                   USA                Uceko
7-Nicola Philippaerts               BEL                 Vadetta VH Nettenhof
8-Eric Lamaze                          CAN                Coriana Van Klapscheut
9-Harrie Smolders                   NED                Regina Z
10-Beezie Madden                   USA                Cortes C

ATCO Electric Six Bar – Top 10
1-Tim Stockdale                      GBR                Fresh Direct K2
2-Ben Asselin                           CAN                Lolita
2-Shane Breen                         IRL                 Balloon
4-Andreas Kreuzer                 GER                Jumex Sport Atlantus
5-Santiago Lambre                 MEX               Eorn De Monte Longu
6-Gemma Paternoster           GBR                Osiris
7-Kelly Koss                             CAN                Laokoon 12
7-Carla Diewert                       CAN                Vaquero
7-Jerome Hurel                       FRA                Opheline De Gorgon
10-Jill Blunt                              USA                Udam