In spite of, or perhaps even thanks to the Corona crisis, the business partners and friends Mario Everse and Alan Waldman joined forces in setting up a new online auction. On Sunday night, April 19, some forty two- and three-year-old show jumping horses will be knocked down online. “When the client can not come to us, we will come to the client, in a manner of speaking,” Mario Everse explains.

Even before the crisis broke out, the idea was born to create an online auction and the plan gained great impetus in the past few weeks. International trade has dropped since events were cancelled, airports closed for private persons, clients staying at home and export papers harder to come by. In short, the stables are filling up and also this year many foals will be born.

Over the years, successful breeding activities were developed by both Alan Waldman in Putten and Mario Everse in Waddinxveen that produced numerous international show jumping horses. It is now possible to lay your hands on young talents with pedigrees full of sport genes with an eye to the future. On offer will be offspring from, among others, Big Star, Cornet Obolensky, Kassander van’t Roosakker, Halifax, Aganix du Seigneur, Iceman de Muze, Stakkato, Vigo d’Arsouilles and Zirocco Blue, all out of proven show jumping lines, such as the famous Roosakker family.

“We have hundreds of youngsters, but not enough infrastructure to properly train them,” Alan Waldman adds. “We believe that this is a good chance to acquire some of our rough diamonds. These horses may well grow into very valuable horses. For the sport, for breeding or for later sale. We will offer them online under the name of The collection currently to be found there is the first of a series of online auctions. This time we picked out several two- and three-year-old show jumping horses which would, normally speaking, be turned out into the field on 1 May.”

The video days took place last week. Most of the youngsters had barely seen a fence before as they came right out of the group stables. “They were not washed or plaited as is wont at other auctions. But they are all genetically well-bred, show good type and all have a fine future before them. Besides showjumping stock the collection also contains hunters, equitation horses, eventing horses and possibly even dressage horses. We want to offer people a chance to pick out the best horse themselves!” say Everse and Waldman.

“Experience has taught that the word ‘auction’ suggests to many people that they do not get the chance to buy the best horse. We want to do that differently! These horses have not done more free jumping than three or four times in their lives. What you see is what you get and possibly even better than you think! For us, professionals, it is also difficult to decided which one is the best. But what you can see is the quality and the power in this lot.”

Especially attractive for foreigners shopping at is the ‘Corona-deal’. As long as NVWA does not issue export papers for horses, the horses will continue to be reared for free. All the horses have passed X-ray and clinical examination. On Wednesday, April 15, all the auction horses will undergo an extra clinical inspection. The reports will appear on the website on Thursday, April 16, but can also be sent by email upon request.

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