Isabelle Lapierre and Carrera S, next-to-last on the course during the Hunter Derby, impressed judges Kim Kirton (ON) and Scott Hofstetter (FL) as the pair took the lead in the Hunter Derby.

Of the 24 teams competing, Laurie Bucci had four horses registered in this event with $5,000 in prize money. Her performances, together constant and elegant, allowed her to place the four mounts in the Top 8: Quatro Z Fortuna, owned by Monique Geseron (2nd place), Beaulieu’s Cool Quote, owned by Pascale Lapierre (5th), Harry Styles, owned by Evelyn Couture (6th) and Tidam, owner Stéphanie Morier (7th).

The course, designed by Tommy Feigel (ON, CAN) was superb, as the Hunter Derby was held in a grass-covered ring for the first time in Bromont.

Sabrina Lefebvre takes first in the Gambler’s Choice

Twelve duos tried the Gambler’s Choice event, added to the Bromont programme for the first time in 2015. Rider Sabrina Lefebvre and her mount WeddingDay took the victory.

Results – Hunter Derby
1. Carrera S / Isabelle Lapierre
2. Quatro Z Fortuna / Laurie Bucci
3. Lancelot / Diana Dionisio
4. Catalina ISF / Natasha Dionne El Chaer
5. Beaulieu’s Cool Quote / Laurie Bucci
6. Harry Styles/ Laurie Bucci
7. Tidam / Laurie Bucci
8. Trust Me / Florence DupuisDowd
9. Vigaro / Victoria Laflamme
10. Calvados HB / Francesca Gosselin

Results – Gambler’s Choice
1. Sabrina Lefebvre / WeddingDay
2. Alexanne Thibault / Mr Carthago
3. Abby Grabowski / Limoncello
4. Melissa De Gaspe Gauvin
5. Kylie Tapson / Meredith
6. Jill Swain / Fiamo