Carlie Thompson led a medal sweep by Team USA winning the individual gold in the USEF Reining Division with a score of 219.00 on Paid By Corona.  Her US teammates, Jason Kvols who scored 217.00 on Sunny Spectacular and Lacey Vernon who scored 214.50 on Duncans Dun It, won the silver and bronze respectively.  The US also won the team Gold on Friday.

Thompson said that her horse got a little scared of one of the photographers on one of her circles but overall “was really awesome.”  The Ohio Wesleyan junior majoring in neuroscience and psychology said that it was different riding outdoors but that she liked it because “it makes for better pictures!”

Kvols, who started his horse career in rodeo, said that all the reiners knew that no matter what happened this week they were making history.  “We knew that we would always be the first reiners to ride in these championships.  We loved being here and really liked watching the other disciplines.  All of us would love to try the English riding but I just don’t know if you can get me to wear breeches!”

Vernon, daughter of veteran reiner Guy Vernon, said that she was, “born on a horse.”  She said that she can’t wait to come back next year.  “I’m not sure that I’ve ever had a better time than I did here this week.”