Ian Millar, of Perth, Ontario, logged his second victory of the day at Toronto’s Royal Horse Show today when he rode Redefin to win the $70,000 Kubota Cup National Final. It was a fitting win for Millar as he is the official spokesperson for the Kubota Cup series and it came just a few hours after he claimed his tenth national show jumping champion title on In Style.

The Kubota Cup win came in a three-way tie-breaker in which Millar had the luxury of riding last. First-to-go Mike Grinyer, of Campbellville, Ontario, logged 32 faults on Alcatraz. Next to ride, Ainsley Vince, of Milton, Ontario, scored 8 on Cantero Z. That made Millar’s job somewhat easier, requiring only a cautious clear round for victory. However, his caution cost him 2 time faults for exceeding the time allowed, but still secured the win.

Millar’s 30-year-old daughter, Amy Millar, rode Costa Rica Z to fourth-place, giving the family one more reason to celebrate. Amy’s brother, Jonathon finished second behind his father earlier today in the national championship.

The crowd favourite in the Kubota Cup National Final was thrilled with her fifth-place finish. Fifteen-year-old Billie Reroute, of Quebec, was by far the youngest competitor and was riding Sweet Dreams, who is older than she is. She was faultless all the way to the last jump in the first round, with the crowd in the packed arena riding every jump with her. A knockdown at the last jump kept her out of the tie-breaker.

Twenty-one competitors contested the Kubota Cup National Final which is the culmination of a six-part qualifying series the took place from Richmond B.C. to Halifax, Nova Scotia. “This is a great series for Canadian show jumping”, Ian Millar says, “It brings east and west together and gives young riders like Billie and others a chance to compete in a venue as prestigious as the Royal Winter Fair”.