HITS Saugerties Spring Series is a Wrap!

The third week of the HITS Saugerties Spring Series has concluded at HITS-on-the-Hudson. This final week featured USEF-Rated and FEI CSI2* competition including a $25,000 HITS Grand Prix, $50,000 FEI Grand Prix, and $10,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby.

Featured jumper competition began Wednesday with the $5,000 HITS Open Welcome where Laura Chapot and OUT OF IRELAND bested the field in a time of 40.34 and zero faults. Chapot dominated this competition by securing the first and second place finishes with two clear jump-off rounds.

2nd Place: Chapot & DIARADO’S FLYING DUTCHMAN [43.44]
3rd Place: Cassandra Kahle & PYRENES DE LOUZES [44.81]

Thursday kicked off the first FEI CSI2* competition with the $36,600 SmartPak Welcome where Heather Caristo-Williams continued her winning ways aboard MARCIANO MVF, securing the win in a speedy 42.63 with no faults. This Saugerties local favorite took home the blue ribbon by less than one second.

2nd Place: Jonathan Corrigan & FAIR PLAY [43.41]
3rd Place: Amanda Flint & VDL WITTINGER [45.92]

5th Place: Stephanie Gallucci & BROKEN HEART

On Friday, the Grand Prix Stadium hosted the $10,000 Saugerties Steamboat Jumper Classic where Chapot executed an impressive clean sweep by finishing one-two-three with three clear rounds all within a half-second’s time Aboard CALMANDA 3, Chapot secured top honors in an unstoppable time of 39.37.

2nd Place: Chapot & CALAFORNIA [39.71]
3rd Place: Chapot & GIDEON [39.77]

FEI CSI2* competition concluded on Saturday with the $50,000 HITS Grand Prix where Corrigan rose in the ranks to claim first place aboard FAIR PLAY in 40.46. Corrigan earned the winner’s trophy against only one other clear jump-off round in second place.

2nd Place: Chapot & CHANDON BLUE [41.61]
3rd Place: Kevin Mealiff & TUPAC VAN DE VROMBAUTSHOEVE Z [41.11, 4-Faults]

Jumper Classic Winners

$2,500 M&S/NAL Child Jumper Classic: Anneliese DeRosaire & NAHAR
$2,500 M&S/NAL Adult Jumper Classic: Meghan Knapic & CEN
$2,500 NAL Jr/A-O/Am Jumper Classic: Maya Nayyar & NARCO VA
$5,000 Pyranha Jr/A-O/Am Jumper Classic: Hannah Isop & ELERTINA

The HITS-on-the-Hudson Spring Series concluded on Sunday in the Grand Prix Stadium with the $25,000 HITS Grand Prix where Seth Vallhonrat & NESSAJA took home the win by finishing with the only clear round in the jump off. Vallhonrat completed the shortened course in a time of 45.79 to wrap up Jumper competition for the Saugerties Spring season.

2nd Place: Katherine Anne Brewer & CASIDO 2 [44.43, 4-Faults]
3rd Place: Ilan Bluman & EAX RUN RUN LS [80.12]

Hunter competition this week featured the exciting $10,000 USHJA National Hunter Derby where Hannah Isop claimed the blue ribbon aboard SINCERELY. Earning an impressive 96 in the first round and a 94 in the second round, Isop secured top honors with a total score of 190. The top three finishers in this competition were separated by only a two points!

2nd Place: Michael Desiderio & CROMWELL [189]
3rd Place: Kahle & HIGH SOCIETY [188]

4th Place: Kahl & Maxlight

The Outside Course on Sunday hosted the $1,500 Platinum Performance Hunter Prix where Meghan Knapic & UNBEATABLUE took home the win with two scores of 87 to finish with a total of 174.

2nd Place: Nicole Oliynyk & CHECKANDINO [171]
3rd Place: Rosalie Giordano & BENICIO [168]

HITS Saugerties returns with the Summer Series that is set to host USEF-Rated 5* and FEI CSI4* competition July 21-August 8, featuring a $25,000 USHJA International Hunter Derby, $213,300 FEI Grand Prix, and World Championship Hunter Rider Week. Stay up to date on information regarding the 2021 HITS Saugerties Series by following HITS Horse Shows on social media and at HITSShows.com.


Competition Returns to Lamplight Equestrian Center for the Spring Spectacular Series

The first week of the HITS Chicago Spring Spectacular Series was host to USEF-Rated Hunter/Jumper competition at beautiful Lamplight Equestrian Center. Exhibitors were excited to return for the second Spring Series this season and compete for top prize money in featured competition. Highlights from this week included the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix, $50,000 HITS Grand Prix, and $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby.

Taking home the first blue ribbon in featured jumper competition on Thursday was Leigh Nanda and EL CASPER in the $5,000 1.35m Jumper Classic. The team secured the win by almost four seconds in the only clear jump-off round and with a time of 31.92.

2nd Place: Genevieve Johns & IOTTIE [35.79, 4-Faults]
3rd Place: Jaclyn Duff & EH ALL OR NONE [35.93, 4-Faults]

Joining the winner’s circle in the $25,000 Smartpak Grand Prix on Friday was Stephen Foran and COLOUR YOUR DAY with one of two double clears in the class. Foran bested the field in a time of 36.94 and zero faults to claim the blue ribbon.

2nd Place: Ryan Sassmannshausen & SKY HIGH [37.22]
3rd Place: Collin Reynolds & CHICCO W [40.54, 4-Faults]

5th place: Jaclyn Duff & CAMILLA M4

Jumper competition continued on Saturday in the Grand Prix Stadium with the $10,000 HITS Open Jumper Prix where Genevieve Munson secured top honors aboard CONTENDRO STAR. Munson finished in a quick time of 36.57 to take home the winner’s trophy.

2nd Place: Elizabeth Schumann & PRINCETON [38.63, 12-Faults]
3rd Place: Duff & EH ALL OR NONE [79.17]

The final featured Jumper class of the week on Sunday was the exciting $50,000 HITS Grand Prix where Reynolds and CHICCO W crossed the timers in 49.77 to complete the only clear round of the jump-off and claim the top spot.

2nd Place: Munson & ZONDERLING [41.28, 4-Faults]
3rd Place: Linda Radigan & BALVENEUR Z [44.12, 4-Faults]

4th place: Jaclyn Duff & CAMILLA M4

Jumper Classic Winners

$1,000 M&S Children’s & Adult Low Jumper Classic: Sofia Pigato & OLD GRANDAD 114

$2,500 NAL Jr/A-O/Am Jumper Classic: Cathy Rolfs & COCO CHANELLE

$5,000 Jr/A-O/Am Medium Jumper Classic: Julia Hasler & HARLEY DAVID

$1,500 NAL Children’s & Adult High Jumper Classic: Sadie Barnett & CARTHESINO Z

The Hunter Ring at Lamplight Equestrian Center this week was host to the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby where Tina Judge-Boyle was awarded the top honor aboard CARLITO. Scoring an 86 in the first round and an 86.5 in the second round, Judge-Boyle earned a total score of 172.5 while also securing the second place finish.

2nd Place: Judge-Boyle & AFELIX DEL A [172]
3rd Place: Elise Iafrate & NABISCO [167.5]

USEF-Rated Premier/4* competition continues next week with the HITS Chicago Spring Spectacular II, June 16-20, featuring a $25,000 Smartpak Grand Prix, $50,000 HITS Grand Prix, and $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby.