Week II of the HITS Chicago Summertime Series is a wrap with more featured class winners and Championships awarded at Lamplight Equestrian Center. HITS Chicago is host to bi-weekly grand-Prix and National Hunter Derbies, welcoming top riders to compete at the charming Lamplight Equestrian Center.

HITS thanks exhibitors for continuing to comply with the health and safety measures being implemented. As the summer continues, HITS asks that all trainers, exhibitors and staff comply with social distancing, wearing of masks, and other protocols outlined in the HITS Horse Show Protocol. If you are on your way to HITS Chicago, please be sure to review the HITS Horse Show Protocol prior to your arrival.

Christian Heineking and NKH MR. DARCY kicked-off Summertime II with a first place finish in the $2,500 Open Welcome on Wednesday in a time of 31.400.
2nd Place: Jonathon Millar & ALTER EGO [32.039]
3rd Place: Kasey Ament & DEXTER R [33.368]

Claiming the blue ribbon in the $5,000 Jumper Classic was Mathis Schwentker and CHARLY-ANN as they crossed the timers in 41.315.
2nd Place: Dorothy Douglas & MTM CORNADA B [41.765]
3rd Place: Lisa Goldman-Smolen & BENGTSSON VDL [4-Faults, 40.297]

High performance competition continued on Friday with the $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prix. Eleven riders jumped clear in the first round of competition and began preparing for the jump-off. The goal was to be quick and clean as each rider who jumped clean in the jump-off was faster than the previous. The top placings kept changing as the last to jump-off, Schwentker and CAMIREZ FZ, entered the ring. For the second week in a row Schwentker took home top honors as he crossed the timers in 31.496.
2nd Place: Tracy Fenney & MTM REVE DU PARADIS [32.052]
3rd Place: Johan Kachelhoffer & CARLOS 691 [33.696]

Caelinn Leahy and HAPPINESS had the fastest time in the $10,000 HITS Open Jumper Prix as they crossed the timers in 35.708 to secure the win on Saturday.
2nd Place: Heineking & NKH MR. DARCY [36.222]
3rd Place: Douglas & MTM CORNADA B [36.243]

Eleven riders returned for the jump-off in the $50,000 John Deere Grand Prix on Sunday. Fenney, who was second to return held the lead with a time of 39.719 until the last pair jumped-off. It was Tiffany Hammock and CRACK ELLE CHAVANNAISE that took the lead with their time of 39.030.
2nd Place: Fenney & IGOR VAN DE HEIBOS [39.719]
3rd Place: Kelly Soleau-Millar & CACHAREL [40.987]

Jumper Classic Winners

$1,000 M&S/WIHS Children’s & Adult High Jumper Classic:
Savannah Hemby & I-MAI TAI OHF
$1,000 NAL Children’s & Adult Jumper Classic: Savannah Hemby & I-MAI TAI OHF
$1,000 M&S Modified Children’s & Adult Jumper Classic: Tessa Harper & AARHUS
$1,000 Dever M&S Children’s & Adult Low Jumper Classic: Tessa Harper & AARHUS
$2,500 Chicago Equine Jr/A-O/Am 1.25m Jumper Classic:
$5,000 Pyranha Jr/A-O/Am 1.35m Jumper Classic: Elizabeth McKim & AIRBRUSH
$7,500 Jr/A-O/Am 1.40m Jumper Classic: Carlee McCutcheon & MTM UNEXPECTED

Winning the $2,500 USHJA National Hunter Derby by a 6 point margin was Douglas for her ride aboard S&L LION KING. Douglas had the high score in each rounds, laying down a 91 in the Hunter Classic round, followed by a 93 in the Handy Hunter round for a 184 and the blue ribbon.
2nd Place: McCutcheon & HALO [178]
3rd Place: Tiffany Hammock & RIGHTFULL [173.5]

Hunter Classic Winners

$750 USHJA Green Hunter Challenge: Tina Judge-Boyle & CAMILLO Z
$1,000 USHJA Green Hunter Incentive: Douglas & CAMEILA
$1,000 AIG Junior Hunter Classic: McCutcheon & S&L LION KING
$1,000 Amateur-Owner Hunter Classic: Tess Fortune & MVP
$500 SmartPak M&S Adult Hunter Classic: Samantha Roper & CASPEN
$500 M&S Children’s Hunter Classic: Daniella McCasland & DIVINE

For a complete listing of results from Summertime II, click here.