The FEI Dressage Performance Dashboard, a unique platform for Dressage and Para Dressage athletes to review their past sporting performances, has been launched today by the FEI in partnership with SAP and Black Horse One.

FEI registered Dressage and Para Dressage athletes can access all their paperless scoresheets, including comments from judges over the last five years, through the FEI Dressage Performance Dashboard. While athletes can access the platform for free and use the basic analytical tools available, they can also choose to unlock all the features of the platform through a Premium subscription.

The FEI Dressage and Para Dressage results only, and the analytical tools, are also available to trainers, dressage enthusiasts and other members of the community through the Premium subscription.

“The FEI Dressage Performance Dashboard is yet another example of the ways in which technology can be introduced into equestrian sport to inform training practices and enhance sporting performances,” FEI Commercial Director Ralph Straus said.

“In Dressage and Para Dressage the information in scoresheets, particularly the judges’ comments and feedback, are important to athletes looking to create long-term training plans and goals in order to improve their performance in international competitions.

“While athletes know they can gain valuable insights by thoroughly analysing their scoresheets from Events they have competed in, the paper versions of the score sheets made this a highly time consuming task for athletes and their trainers.

“The platform facilitates the analysis of athletes’ scores across all movements through an intuitive interface and provides a centralised database of information that athletes can refer to from anywhere and at any time.”

The FEI Dressage Performance Dashboard is yet another milestone for the market leader in enterprise application software SAP, and software development company Black Horse One. The two companies have partnered with the FEI to provide innovations that have contributed to the digital transformation of the sport.

SAP and Black Horse One previously combined their expert knowledge in technology and fan engagement to create the award-winning Spectator Judging® app. Since 2018, this app has allowed audiences at FEI Dressage World Cup™ events to get into the judge’s seat, with scores and rankings created in real-time during the competitions and then placed side-by-side with official results on the arena scoreboards.

The two companies also led the development of eDressage™, a paperless judging software based on the SAP HANA Cloud to enable the scoring of FEI Dressage and Para Dressage competitions without a scribe having to write down each mark on an FEI Dressage score sheet. This system is now used at all major Dressage events and was featured at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The creation of the FEI Dressage Performance Dashboard takes the electronic score sheet initiative a step further by feeding data back into an athlete’s training programme, and allows for all the information to be accessible from portable devices.

“Helping athletes gain new, real-time insights to enhance their performance, and providing a more engaging experience for the fans is a key objective of our sports partnerships,” SAP Director Equestrian Partnerships, Henrike Paetz said. “It is amazing to see how equestrian sport has been leading the way with regard to digital innovation and fan engagement over the last five years as a result of our cooperation with the FEI and Black Horse One.”

“The FEI Dressage Performance Dashboard is set to transform the way Dressage and Para Dressage athletes approach their short- and long-term training decisions as well as their choice of horse for specific competitions,” FEI Director Information & Sports Technology Gaspard Dufour explained.

“Through this platform, athletes can not only read comments from judges and take this feedback into their training sessions, but they can also compare performances across their different horses as well as against other combinations.

“That all this information will now exist at everyone’s finger tips, is a key step forward for equestrian sport and opens the door to more technological advancement in the long-term.”